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NetBSD 1.3.3: Arp Problems  03 February 2000 
The implementation of ARP packet reception is vulnerable to two different attacks. On multihomed hosts ARP packets entries from wire A can overwrite entries from Wire B. For all hosts, ARP packets can overwrite entries marked as static.
NetBSD-SA1999-009 i386 SVR4 compatibility problems  18 January 2000 
SVR4 compatibility device creation vulnerability
NetBSD-SA1998-001 BIND 4.9.6 vulnerabilities  10 January 2000 
Several problems have been found in BIND 4.9.6. One involves a buffer overflow in the inverse query code, which is not enabled by default. The others are similar buffer overflows in the rest of the code. Depending on other site configuration specifics, several of these overflows could contribute to an exploit designed to allow remote super-user access to the system.
NetBSD-SA1998-002 xterm and Xaw vulnerablilities  10 January 2000 
Vulnerabilities (buffer overflows) in the xterm(1) and Xaw library distributed with NetBSD, may allow a local user to gain super-user privileges. The `inputMethod' and `preeditType' resources are vulnerable in both xterm(1) and the Xaw library, with the `*Keymap' resources also vulnerable in xterm(1).
NetBSD-SA1998-004 at(1) vulnerabilties  10 January 2000 
Problem with at(1) allows any file to be read
NetBSD-SA1998-003 mmap(2) and append-only files vulnerabilities  10 January 2000 
Files that have the append-only flag set are erroneously allowed to be memory mapped shared, causing other processes to see changes made to the file. While the on-disk copy is not updated, any other process using memory mapping will see this change, causing data corruption.
NetBSD-SA1998-005 mmap(2) device driver vulnerabilties  10 January 2000 
Problem with mmap(2) and many drivers
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