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Mandrake 6.1: screen  13 December 1999 
By default, screen did not use Unix98 ptys (/dev/pts/*), which resulted in its controlling terminal being world-writable. This is a security bug, which this package cures. Credits go to Red Hat.
Mandrake 6.1: wu-ftpd  13 December 1999 
This update cures two problems:
Mandrake 6.1: am-utils  13 December 1999 
There is a potential buffer overflow / remote exploit in the am-utils package.
Mandrake 6.1: ypserv  13 December 1999 
This package fixes several problems:
Mandrake 6.1: kvirc  13 December 1999 
This package cures the "!nick ../../../etc/shadow" bug. Understand, it doesn't allow anymore users to get files you wouldn't like them to get.
Mandrake 6.1: bind  13 December 1999 
If you are using Linux-Mandrake as a name server, you should upgrade to this package.
Mandrake 6.0: kernel 2.2.9  13 December 1999 
2.2.x kernel are all affected by a networking security bug.
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