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Mandrake: netscape vulnerability  10 August 2000 
There exists a problem in all versions of Netscape with Java enabled.
Mandrake: perl vulnerability  09 August 2000 
setuidperl combined with other programs may make it possible to execute a command to create a suid shell.
Mandrake: mailman NOT vulnerable  03 August 2000 
Linux-Mandrake does not ship with the mailman package and is thereforenot vulnerable to this exploit.
Mandrake: pam vulnerability  02 August 2000 
pam_console incorrectly identifies remote X logins for displays other than local ones.
Mandrake: kon2 vulnerability  02 August 2000 
The program fld may make it possible to obtain a root shell by inputing arbitrary code into the stack.
Mandrake: netscape vulnerability  01 August 2000 
Previous versions of Netscape, from version 3.0 to 4.73 contain a serious overflow flaw due to improper input verification in Netscape's JPEG processing code.
Mandrake: Zope vulnerability  28 July 2000 
Previous versions of Zope have a serious security flaw in one of the base classes in the DocumentTemplate package that is inadequately protected.
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