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Mandrake: 'tmpwatch' vulnerability  07 October 2000 
Previous versions of tmpwatch contained a local denial of service and root exploits.
Mandrake: 'gnorpm' update  06 October 2000 
Versions of GnoRPM prior to 0.95 used files in the /tmp directory in an insecure manner.
Mandrake: 'lpr' vulnerability  05 October 2000 
There is a format string bug in lpr with its calls to the syslog facility.
Mandrake: 'traceroute' vulnerability  02 October 2000 
There is a bug in the traceroute program which causes segfaults and which could potentially be exploited to provide root privilege because the traceroute command is suid root.
Mandrake: 'xinitrc' vulnerability  02 October 2000 
A problem exists in the /etc/X11/Xsession file which disables the Xauthority mechanism of the localhost.
Mandrake: 'esound' update  27 September 2000 
A problem exists with the esound daemon, which is used in GNOME and responsible for multiplexing access to audio devices.
Mandrake: 'sysklogd' update  25 September 2000 
A problem exists with the kernel logging daemon (klogd) in the sysklogd package. A "format bug" makes klogd vulnerable to local root compromise.
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