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Mandrake: 'pam' vulnerability  16 December 2000 
The pam_localuser module, which is a part of the pam package, contains a buffer overflow vulnerability.
Mandrake: 'jpilot' vulnerability  16 December 2000 
The jpilot program automatically creates a directory called .jpilot/ in the user's home directory with 777 (world read/write/execute) permissions.
Mandrake: 'netscape' buffer overflow  15 December 2000 
A buffer overflow exists in the HTML parser code of the Netscape web browser in all versions prior to and including 4.75.
Mandrake: 'BitchX' vulnerability  14 December 2000 
Two bugs exist in the BitchX IRC client.
Mandrake: 'mc' vulnerability  12 December 2000 
cons.saver does not check if it is started with a valid stdout, which combined with a bug in its check to see if its argument is a tty
Mandrake: 'apcupsd' vulnerability  12 December 2000 
A problem exists with the apcupsd daemon. During startup, apcupsd creates a PID file in /var/run with the ID of the daemon process which is world writable.
Mandrake: 'ed' vulnerability  10 December 2000 
Alan Cox discovered that GNU ed (a classed line editor tool) creates temporary files unsafely.
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