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Mandrake: 'modutils' vulnerability  16 November 2000 
All 2.3.x versions of modutils (since March 12 1999) contain a vulnerability that can lead to a local root compromise.
Mandrake: 'CUPS' vulnerability  16 November 2000 
A problem existed with previous versions of CUPS that made CUPS printers accessible from anywhere on the internet.
Mandrake: 'openssh' vulnerability  15 November 2000 
A vulnerability exists with all versions of OpenSSH prior to 2.3.0 with regards to the X11 forwarding and ssh-agent.
Mandrake: 'tcsh' vulnerability  14 November 2000 
A vulnerability exists with tcsh when using the in-here documents with the << syntax.
Mandrake: 'bind' update  10 November 2000 
A vulnerability exists with the bind nameserver dealing with compressed zone transfers.
Mandrake: 'nss_ldap' update  10 November 2000 
A race condition exists in versions of nss_ldap prior to version 121. On a system running nscd, a malicious user can cause the system to hang.
Mandrake: 'ypbind' and 'ypserv' updates  24 October 2000 
A format string parsing bug exists in ypbind 3.3 if it is run in debug mode which leaks file descriptors under certain circumstances which can lead to a DoS.
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