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Mandrake: 'kernel' devfs vulnerability  23 November 2001 
As a workaround, until an update becomes available, please boot with the devfs=nomount option.
Mandrake: 'kernel22' DoS vulnerability  23 November 2001 
The ptrace vulnerability could be used by local users to gain root privilege, the symlink vulnerability could result in a local DoS.
Mandrake: 'squid' DoS vulnerability  21 November 2001 
ertain FTP requests could cause the squid daemon to abort, making it unavailable for a few seconds.
Mandrake: 'expect' Root compromise vulnerability  21 November 2001 
A packaging problem that can lead to a root compromise existed in the expect package as provided in Mandrake Linux 8.1.
Mandrake: 'tetex' elevated privileges vulnerability  20 November 2001 
A problem was discovered in the temporary file handling capabilities of some teTeX filters that can lead to elevated privileges.
Mandrake: 'gnupg' format string vulnerability  20 November 2001 
A format string vulnerability exists in gnupg 1.0.5 and previous versions which is fixed in 1.0.6. This vulnerability can be used to invoke shell commands with privileges of the currently logged-in user.
Mandrake: 'procmail' elevated privileges vulnerability  20 November 2001 
If procmail is installed setuid, this could be exploited to gain unauthorized privilege.
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