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Mandriva: 2015:012: jasper  08 January 2015 
Updated jasper packages fix security vulnerabilities: A double free flaw was found in the way JasPer parsed ICC color profiles in JPEG 2000 image files. A specially crafted file could cause an application using JasPer to crash or, possibly, execute [More...]
Mandriva: 2015:011: nail  08 January 2015 
Updated nail package fixes security vulnerabilities: A flaw was found in the way mailx handled the parsing of email addresses. A syntactically valid email address could allow a local attacker to cause mailx to execute arbitrary shell commands through [More...]
Mandriva: 2015:010: file  08 January 2015 
Updated file packages fix security vulnerabilities: Thomas Jarosch of Intra2net AG reported that using the file command on a specially-crafted ELF binary could lead to a denial of service due to uncontrolled resource consumption (CVE-2014-8116). [More...]
Mandriva: 2015:009: krb5  08 January 2015 
Updated krb5 packages fix security vulnerability: In MIT krb5, when kadmind is configured to use LDAP for the KDC database, an authenticated remote attacker can cause a NULL dereference by attempting to use a named ticket policy object as a password policy [More...]
Mandriva: 2015:008: pwgen  08 January 2015 
Updated pwgen package fixes security vulnerabilities: Pwgen was found to generate weak non-tty passwords by default, which could be brute-forced with a commendable success rate, which could raise security concerns (CVE-2013-4440). [More...]
Mandriva: 2015:007: unrtf  08 January 2015 
Updated unrtf package fixes security vulnerabilities: Michal Zalewski reported an out-of-bounds memory access vulnerability in unrtf. Processing a malformed RTF file could lead to a segfault while accessing a pointer that may be under the attacker's control. [More...]
Mandriva: 2015:006: mediawiki  08 January 2015 
Updated mediawiki packages fix security vulnerabilities: In MediaWiki before 1.23.8, thumb.php outputs wikitext message as raw HTML, which could lead to cross-site scripting. Permission to edit MediaWiki namespace is required to exploit this. [More...]
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