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Mandrake: 'openssh' multiple fixes  22 May 2001 
Interoperability fixes and updated version now available.
Mandrake: 'samba' tmp file creation vulnerability  22 May 2001 
Samba was not creating temporary files safely which could allow local users to overwrite files that they may not have access to.
Mandrake: pine tmp file creation vulnerability  16 May 2001 
These issues allow any user with local system access to cause any files owned by any other user, including root, to potentially be overwritten if the conditions were right.
Mandrake: cups multiple vulnerabilities  14 May 2001 
This release resolves some postscript priting problems as well as a number of security issues.
Mandrake: vixie-cron privilege escalation vulnerability  14 May 2001 
A recent security fix to cron introduced a new problem with giving up privileges before invoking the editor. A malicious local user could exploit this to gain root acces.
Mandrake: Zope unauthorized access vulnerability  14 May 2001 
Any user can visit a ZClass declaration and change the ZClass permission mappings for methods and other objects defined within the ZClass, possibly allowing for unauthorized access within the Zope instance.
Mandrake: 'pine' vulnerabilities  07 May 2001 
Versions of the Pine email client prior to 4.33 have various temporary file creation problems, as does the pico editor.
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