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Mandrake: 'bind' Denial of Service vulnerability  05 June 2002 
The error condition can be remotely exploited by a special DNS packet. This can only be used to create a Denial of Service on the server
Mandrake: 'dhcp' Format string vulnerability  05 June 2002 
A successful exploitation could give the attacker elevated privileges equivalent to the user running the DHCP daemon, which is the user dhcpd in Mandrake Linux 8.x, but root in earlier versions.
Mandrake: 'dhcp' Format string vulnerability  29 May 2002 
The dhcp server and client package versions 3.0 to 3.0.1rc8 are affected by a format string vulnerability that can be exploited remotely.
Mandrake: 'fetchmail' Buffer overflow vulnerability  28 May 2002 
This would allow a malicious server to make the fetchmail process write data outside of the array bounds.
Mandrake: 'perl-Digest-MD5' Improper MD5 digests  28 May 2002 
A bug exists in the UTF8 interaction between the perl-Digest-MD5 module and perl that results in UTF8 strings having improper MD5 digests. The 2.20 version of the module corrects this problem.
Mandrake: 'imap' Buffer overflow vulnerability  28 May 2002 
A buffer overflow was discovered in the imap server that could allow a malicious user to run code on the server with the uid and gid of the email owner by constructing a malformed request that would trigger the buffer overflow.
Mandrake: 'webmin' Unauthorized access vulnerability  22 May 2002 
A vulnerability exists in all versions of Webmin prior to 0.970 that allows a remote attacker to login to Webmin as any user. All users of Webmin are encouraged to upgrade immediately.
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