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Mandrake: 'webmin' Unauthorized access vulnerability  22 May 2002 
A vulnerability exists in all versions of Webmin prior to 0.970 that allows a remote attacker to login to Webmin as any user. All users of Webmin are encouraged to upgrade immediately.
Mandrake: 'tcpdump' Multiple buffer overflows  16 May 2002 
Several buffer overflows were found in the tcpdump package by FreeBSD developers during a code audit, in versions prior to 3.5. However, newer versions of tcpdump, including 3.6.2, are also vulnerable to another buffer overflow in the AFS RPC decoding functions.
Mandrake: 'fileutils' Race condition vulnerability  16 May 2002 
Wojciech Purczynski reported a race condition in some utilities in the GNU fileutils package that may cause root to delete the entire filesystem.
Mandrake: 'sudo' Local privilege escalation  25 April 2002 
Sudo can be tricked into allocating less memory than it should for the prompt and in certain conditions it is possible to exploit this flaw to corrupt the heap in such a way that could be used to execute arbitary commands.
Mandrake: 'imlib' Remote privilege escalation vulnerability  25 April 2002 
These problems could allow attackers to construct images that could cause crashes or, potentially, the execution of arbitrary code when said images are loaded by a viewer that uses imlib.
Mandrake: 'rsync' Improper privilege vulnerability  17 April 2002 
Ethan Benson discovered a bug in rsync where the supplementary groups that the rsync daemon runs as (such as root) would not be removed from the server process after changing to the specified unprivileged uid and gid.
Mandrake: 'squid' Denial of service vulnerability  16 April 2002 
A malicous DNS server could craft a DNS reply that causes Squid to exit with a SIGSEGV.
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