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Mandrake: glibc buffer overflow  24 September 2002 
A heap buffer overflow exists in the XDR decoder in glibc version 2.2.5 and earlier. XDR is a mechanism for encoding data structures for use with RPC, which is derived from Sun's RPC implementation which is likewise vulnerable to a heap overflow. Depending on the application, this vulnerability may be exploitable and could lead to arbitrary code execution.
Mandrake: tcl/tk vulnerability  24 September 2002 
Some problems were discovered with the Tcl/Tk development environment. The expect application would search for its libraries in /var/tmp prior to searching in other directories, which could allow a local user to gain root privilege by writing a trojan library and waiting for the root user to run the mkpasswd utility.
Mandrake: 'php' Arbitrary command execution vulnerability  11 September 2002 
This vulnerability would allow local users and, possibly, remote attackers to execute arbitrary commands using shell metacharacters.
Mandrake: krb5 heap overflow  10 September 2002 
The implemenation of Kerberos 5 contains an RPC library which is vulnerable to a heap overflow. With Kerberos, it is believed that an attacker would need to be able to successfully authenticate to kadmin to be able to exploit this vulnerability.
Mandrake: 'kdelibs' Privacy escalation vulnerability  10 September 2002 
Due to a security engineering oversight, the SSL library from KDE, which Konqueror uses, doesn't check whether an intermediate certificate for a connection is signed by the certificate authority as safe for the purpose, but accepts it when it is signed.
Mandrake: gaim buffer overflow  29 August 2002 
Versions of Gaim prior to 0.58 contain a buffer overflow in the Jabber plug-in module. As well, a vulnerability was discovered in the URL-handling code, where the "manual" browser command passes an untrusted string to the shell without reliable quoting or escaping.
Mandrake: HylaFAX multipule vulnerabilities  29 August 2002 
Numerous vulnerabilities in the HylaFAX product exist in versions prior to 4.1.3. Most of the vulnerabilities cause a denial of service.
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