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Mandrake: gftp format string vulnerability  27 April 2001 
A format string vulnerability exists in all versions of gftp prior to version 2.0.8.
Mandrake: nedit tmp file vulnerability  25 April 2001 
A tmp file vulnerability exists that could be exploited to gain access to other user privileges including root.
Mandrake: 'hylafax' vulnerability  24 April 2001 
A problem exists with the HylaFAX program, hfaxd. When hfaxd tries to change it's queue directory and fails, it prints an error message via syslog by directly passing user supplied data as the format string. If hfaxd is installed setuid root, this behaviour can be exploited to gain root access locally.
Mandrake: 'samba' vulnerability  20 April 2001 
A vulnerability found by Marcus Meissner exists in Samba where it was not creating temporary files safely which could allow local users to overwrite files that they may not have access to.
Mandrake: 'kernel' vulnerabilities  18 April 2001 
A number of security problems have been found in the Linux kernels prior to the latest 2.2.19 kernel.
Mandrake: ntpd buffer overflow  06 April 2001 
ntp and xntp3 are vulnerable to a buffer overflow that may lead to a remote root exploit.
Mandrake: 'openssh' vulnerability  24 March 2001 
There are several weaknesses in various implementations of the SSH (Secure Shell) protocols.
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