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Mandrake: 'squid' Denial of service vulnerability  16 April 2002 
A malicous DNS server could craft a DNS reply that causes Squid to exit with a SIGSEGV.
Mandrake: 'libsafe' Format string vulnerability  12 April 2002 
Wojciech Purczynski discovered that format string protection in libsafe can be easily bypassed by using flag characters that are implemented in glibc but are not implemented in libsafe.
Mandrake: 'kdm' Unauthorized access vulnerability  21 March 2002 
By default, it allows XDMCP connections from any host, which can be used to obtain a login screen on your system remotely. This can be used to get a list of users on that host, as displayed by kdm.
Mandrake: UPDATE: 'zlib' Denial of Service  14 March 2002 
zlib version 1.1.3 and lower of this library have a vulnerability which can be used by an attacker to cause a Denial of Service condition in most cases, or, in the worst case, possibly execute arbitrary code.
Mandrake: 'rsync' Unprivileged access vulnerability  14 March 2002 
Ethan Benson discovered a bug in rsync where the supplementary groups that the rsync daemon runs as (such as root) would not be removed from the server process after changing to the specified unprivileged uid and gid.
Mandrake: 'zlib' Denial of service vulnerability  12 March 2002 
This vulnerability can be used to perform Denial of Service attacks and, quite possibly, the execution of arbitrary code on the affected system.
Mandrake: 'mod_ssl' Buffer overflow vulnerability  08 March 2002 
Ed Moyle discovered a buffer overflow in mod_ssl's session caching mechanisms that use shared memory and dbm. This could potentially be triggered by sending a very long client certificate to the server.
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