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Mandrake: webmin session ID spoofing vulnerability  27 February 2003 
This vulnerability allows an attacker to spoof a session ID by including special metacharacters in the BASE64 encoding string used during the authentication process.
Mandrake: shadow-utils improper group vulnerability  27 February 2003 
When useradd creates an account, it would create it with improper permissions; instead of having it owned by the group mail, it would be owned by the user's primary group.
Mandrake: vnc weak cookie vulnerability  26 February 2003 
A vulnerability was discovered in the VNC server script that generates an X cookie, used by X authentication.
Mandrake: lynx CRLF injection vulnerability  26 February 2003 
The HTTP queries that lynx constructs are from arguments on the command line or the $WWW_HOME environment variable, but lynx does not properly sanitize special characters such as carriage returns or linefeeds.
Mandrake: openssl information leak  25 February 2003 
OpenSSL has been found to vulnerable to a timing-based attack on CBC ciphersuites used in SSL and TLS.
Mandrake: krb5 ftp command execution vulnerability  25 February 2003 
A vulnerability was discovered in the Kerberos FTP client.
Mandrake: php buffer overflow vulnerability  20 February 2003 
A buffer overflow was discovered in the wordwrap() function in versions of PHP greater than 4.1.2 and less than 4.3.0.
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