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Mandrake: UPDATE: xloadimage buffer overflow  13 September 2001 
A buffer overflow exists in xli due to missing boundary checks. This could be triggered by an external attacker to execute commands on the victim's machine. An exploit is publically available.
Mandrake: 'xli' buffer overflow  31 August 2001 
A buffer overflow exists in xli due to missing boundary checks.
Mandrake: 'fetchmail' input validation error  31 August 2001 
A vulnerability was found by Salvatore Sanfilippo in both the IMAP and POP3 code of fetchmail where the input is not verified and no bounds checking is done.
Mandrake: 'sendmail' input validation error  31 August 2001 
An input validation error exists in sendmail that may allow local users to write arbitrary data to process memory.
Mandrake: 'WindowMaker' buffer overflow  31 August 2001 
A buffer overflow exists in the WindowMaker window manager's window title handling code, as discovered by Alban Hertroys.
Mandrake: 'xinetd' updates  31 August 2001 
An audit has been performed on the xinetd 2.3.0 source code by Solar Designer for many different possible vulnerabilities. The audit was very thorough and found and fixed many problems. This xinetd update includes his audit patch.
Mandrake: 'kernel' remote masquerading vulnerability  28 August 2001 
The iptables ip_conntrack_ftp module, which is used for stateful inspection of FTP traffic, does not validate parameters passed to it in an FTP PORT command.
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