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Mandrake: gv/ggv buffer overflow  22 October 2002 
A buffer overflow was discovered in gv and can be exploited by an attacker sending a malformed PostScript or PDF file.
Mandrake: apache vulnerabilities  16 October 2002 
A number of vulnerabilities were discovered in Apache versions prior to 1.3.27.
Mandrake: tar directory traversal vulnerability  11 October 2002 
A directory traversal vulnerability exists in GNU tar that allows attackers to overwrite arbitrary files during extraction of the archive by using a ".." in an extracted filename.
Mandrake: unzip directory traversal vulnerability  11 October 2002 
A directory traversal vulnerability was discovered in unzip that allows attackers to overwrite arbitrary files during extraction of the archive by using a ".." in an extracted filename, as well as prefixing filenames in the archive with "/".
Mandrake: Konqueror XSS vulnerability  10 October 2002 
There is a vulnerability in Konqueror's cross site scripting protection, in that it fails to initialize the domains on sub-(i)frames correctly.
Mandrake: fetchmail buffer overflow vulnerabilities  02 October 2002 
Several buffer overflows and a boundary check error were discovered in all fetchmail versions prior to 6.1.0 by e-matters GmbH. These problems are vulnerable to crashes and/or arbitrary code execution by remote attackers if fetchmail is running in multidrop mode. The code execution would be done with the same privilege as the user running fetchmail.
Mandrake: PostgreSQL multipule buffer overflow vulnerabilities  02 October 2002 
PostgreSQL has vulnerabilities that are buffer overflows in the rpad(), lpad(), repeat(), and cash_words() functions. The Postgresql developers also fixed a buffer overflow in functions that deal with time/date and timezone. More buffer overflows also exist in the circle_poly(), path_encode(), and path_addr() functions.
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