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Mandrake: CVS double free vulnerability  21 January 2003 
On servers which are configured to allow anonymous read-only access, this bug could be used by anonymous users to gain write privileges.
Mandrake: openldap multiple vulnerabilities  16 January 2003 
A review was completed by the SuSE Security Team on the OpenLDAP server software, and this audit revealed several buffer overflows and other bugs that remote attackers could exploit to gain unauthorized access to the system running the vulnerable OpenLDAP servers.
Mandrake: leafnode denial of service vulnerability  15 January 2003 
This vulnerability causes leafnode to go into an infinite loop with 100% CPU use when an article that has been crossposed to several groups, one of which is the prefix of another, is requested by it's Message-ID.
Mandrake: KDE shell command execution vulnerability  14 January 2003 
Multiple instances of improperly quoted shell command execution exist in KDE 2.x up to and including KDE 3.0.5.
Mandrake: xpdf buffer overflow vulnerability  13 January 2003 
The pdftops filter found in both the xpdf and CUPS packages suffers from an integer overflow that can be exploited to gain the privilege of the victim user.
Mandrake: dhcpcd remote command execution vulnerability  10 January 2003 
A malicious administrator of the regular or an untrusted DHCP server may execute any command with root privileges on the DHCP client machine by sending the command enclosed in shell metacharacters in one of the options provided by the DHCP server.
Mandrake: CUPS multiple vulnerabilities  10 January 2003 
There are multiple vulnerabilities in CUPS.
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