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Mandrake: glibc Buffer overflow vulnerability  25 March 2003 
Depending upon the application, this vulnerability can cause buffer overflows and could possibly be exploited to execute arbitray code.
Mandrake: netpbm Multiple math overflow vulnerabilities  25 March 2003 
These errors may permit remote attackers to cause a denial of service or execute arbitrary code in any programs or scripts that use these graphics conversion tools.
Mandrake: zlib buffer overflow vulnerability  19 March 2003 
Richard Kettlewell discovered a buffer overflow vulnerability in the zlib library's gzprintf() function.
Mandrake: samba Buffer overflow vulnerability  16 March 2003 
The SuSE security team, during an audit of the Samba source code, found a flaw in the main smbd code which could allow an external attacker to remotely and anonymously gain root privilege on a system running the Samba server.
Mandrake: usermode Unauthorized access  13 March 2003 
The /usr/bin/shutdown command that comes with the usermode package can be executed by local users to shutdown all running processes and drop into a root shell.
Mandrake: file Multiple vulnernerabilities  06 March 2003 
A memory allocation problem in file was found by Jeff Johnson, and a stack overflow corruption problem was found by David Endler.
Mandrake: snort Buffer overflow vulnerability  06 March 2003 
A buffer overflow was discovered in the snort RPC normalization routines by ISS-XForce which can cause snort to execute arbitrary code embedded within sniffed network packets.
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