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Mandrake: evolution various bugs fix  14 December 2004 
This update provides Evolution 2.0.3 which fixes a number of bugs found in the previous version of Evolution, including the possibility to lose mail when Evolution sends an email message, that fails to send, but Evolution doesn't realize it has failed.
Mandrake: openssl fix  07 December 2004 
The Trustix developers found that the der_chop script, included in the openssl package, created temporary files insecurely. This could allow local users to overwrite files using a symlink attack.
Mandrake: nfs-utils fix  07 December 2004 
SGI developers discovered a remote DoS (Denial of Service) condition in the NFS statd server. rpc.statd did not ignore the "SIGPIPE" signal which would cause it to shutdown if a misconfigured or malicious peer terminated the TCP connection prematurely.
Mandrake: rp-pppoe fix  07 December 2004 
Max Vozeler discovered a vulnerability in pppoe, part of the rp-pppoe package. When pppoe is running setuid root, an attacker can overwrite any file on the system. Mandrakelinux does not install pppoe setuid root, however the packages have been patched to prevent this problem.
Mandrake: lvml fix  07 December 2004 
The Trustix developers discovered that the lvmcreate_initrd script, part of the lvm1 package, created a temporary directory in an insecure manner. This could allow for a symlink attack to create or overwrite arbitrary files with the privileges of the user running the script.
Mandrake: ImageMagick fix  07 December 2004 
A vulnerability was discovered in ImageMagick where, due to a boundary error within the EXIF parsing routine, a specially crafted graphic image could potentially lead to the execution of arbitrary code.
Mandrake: gzip fix  07 December 2004 
The Trustix developers found some insecure temporary file creation problems in the zdiff, znew, and gzeze supplemental scripts in the gzip package. These flaws could allow local users to overwrite files via a symlink attack.
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