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Mandrake: kernel various enhancements  05 October 2004 
New kernels are available for Mandrakelinux 10.0 that fix a few bugs and/or adds enhancements.
Mandrake: samba fix vulnerability  01 October 2004 
Karol Wiesek discovered a bug in the input validation routines used to convert DOS path names to path names on the Samba host's file system. This bug can be exploited to gain access to files outside of the share's path as defined in the smb.conf configuration file.
Mandrake: update fixes temporary file vulnerabilities  28 September 2004 
A vulnerability in was reported by pmladek where a local user may be able to obtain and read documents that belong to another user.
Mandrake: NetPBM update fixes a number of temporary file bugs  28 September 2004 
A number of temporary file bugs have been found in versions of NetPBM. These could allow a local user the ability to overwrite or create files as a different user who happens to run one of the the vulnerable utilities.
Mandrake: webmin vulnerability  27 September 2004 
A vulnerability in webmin was discovered by Ludwig Nussel. A temporary directory was used in webmin, however it did not check for the previous owner of the directory.
Mandrake: ImageMagick fix arbitray code execution vulnerabilities  22 September 2004 
Several buffer overflow vulnerabilities in ImageMagick were discovered by Marcus Meissner from SUSE. These vulnerabilities would allow an attacker to create a malicious image or video file in AVI, BMP, or DIB formats which could crash the reading process.
Mandrake: mpg123 update fix vulnerabilities  22 September 2004 
A vulnerability in mpg123 was discovered by Davide Del Vecchio where certain malicious mpg3/2 files would cause mpg123 to fail header checks, which could in turn allow arbitrary code to be executed with the privileges of the user running mpg123 (CAN-2004-0805).
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