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Mandrake: sudo vulnerability fix  17 November 2004 
Liam Helmer discovered a flow in sudo's environment sanitizing. This flaw could allow a malicious users with permission to run a shell script that uses the bash shell to run arbitrary commands.
Mandrake: gd integer overflows fix  17 November 2004 
Integer overflows were reported in the GD Graphics Library (libgd) 2.0.28, and possibly other versions. These overflows allow remote attackers to cause a denial of service and possibly execute arbitrary code via PNG image files with large image rows values that lead to a heap-based buffer overflow in the gdImageCreateFromPngCtx() function.
Mandrake: samba DoS vulnerability fix  11 November 2004 
Karol Wiesek discovered a bug in the input validation routines in Samba 3.x used to match filename strings containing wildcard characters. This bug may allow a user to consume more than normal amounts of CPU cycles which would impact the performance and response of the server.
Mandrake: speedtouch format string vulnerability fix  11 November 2004 
The Speedtouch USB driver contains a number of format string vulnerabilities due to improperly made syslog() system calls. These vulnerabilities can be abused by a local user to potentially allow the execution of arbitray code with elevated privileges.
Mandrake: ez-ipupdate format string vulnerability fix  11 November 2004 
Ulf Harnhammar discovered a format string vulnerability in ez-ipupdate, a client for many dynamic DNS services. The updated packages are patched to protect against this problem.
Mandrake: webmin problem with some modules fix  10 November 2004 
There was a problem with two modules in the webmin package that did not work correctly: the cron and backup modules. The updates packages fix the problem so the modules will again work.
Mandrake: ruby remote DoS vulnerability fix  08 November 2004 
Andres Salomon noticed a problem with the CGI session management in Ruby. The CGI:Session's FileStore implementations store session information in an insecure manner by just creating files and ignoring permission issues (CAN-2004-0755).
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