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Mandrake: cvs update fix  20 October 2004 
iDEFENSE discovered a flaw in CVS versions prior to 1.1.17 in an undocumented switch implemented in CVS' history command. The -X switch specifies the name of the history file which allows an attacker to determine whether arbitrary system files and directories exist and whether or not the CVS process has access to them.
Mandrake: libtiff update fix  20 October 2004 
Several vulnerabilities have been discovered in the libtiff package.
Mandrake: mozilla update fix  20 October 2004 
A number of vulnerabilities were fixed in mozilla 1.7.3.
Mandrake: cyrus-sasl local vulnerability fix  07 October 2004 
A vulnerability was discovered in the libsasl library of cyrus-sasl. libsasl honors the SASL_PATH environment variable blindly, which could allow a local user to create a malicious "library" that would get executed with the effective ID of SASL when anything calls libsasl.
Mandrake: xine-lib multiple vulnerabilities fix  06 October 2004 
A number of string overflows were discovered in the xine-lib program, some of which can be used for remote buffer overflow exploits that lead to the execution of arbitrary code with the permissions of the user running a xine-lib-based media application.
Mandrake: kernel various enhancements  05 October 2004 
New kernels are available for Mandrakelinux 10.0 that fix a few bugs and/or adds enhancements.
Mandrake: samba fix vulnerability  01 October 2004 
Karol Wiesek discovered a bug in the input validation routines used to convert DOS path names to path names on the Samba host's file system. This bug can be exploited to gain access to files outside of the share's path as defined in the smb.conf configuration file.
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