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Mandriva: Updated digikamimageplugins packages fix showfoto crash issue.  26 December 2005 
A previous update of DigiKam (MDKA-2005:059) bumped the version to 0.8.0. After this update, Narfi Stefansson reported that showfoto, from digikamimageplugins was crashing when trying to use "Free Rotation". This update bumps digikamimageplugins to version 0.8.0 also.
Mandriva: Updated cpio packages fix buffer overflow on x86_64  23 December 2005 
A buffer overflow in cpio 2.6 on 64-bit platforms could allow a local user to create a DoS (crash) and possibly execute arbitrary code when creating a cpio archive with a file whose size is represented by more than 8 digits.
Mandriva: Updated fetchmail packages fix vulnerability  23 December 2005 
Fetchmail before 6.3.1 and before, when configured for multidrop mode, allows remote attackers to cause a DoS (application crash) by sending messages without headers from upstream mail servers.
Mandriva: Updated msec packages fixes various bugs  22 December 2005 
Bugs in the msec package have been corrected: msec wasn't properly parsing the output on security checks to check ownership of files, reporting files as unowned when they were in fact properly owned by a valid user.
Mandriva: Updated kernel packages fix numerous vulnerabilities  21 December 2005 
Updated package.
Mandriva: Updated sudo packages fix vulnerability  20 December 2005 
Charles Morris discovered a vulnerability in sudo versions prior to 1.6.8p12 where, when the perl taint flag is off, sudo does not clear the PERLLIB, PERL5LIB, and PERL5OPT environment variables, which could allow limited local users to cause a perl script to include and execute arbitrary library files that have the same name as library files that included by the script.
Mandriva: Updated apache2 packages fix vulnerability in worker MPM  19 December 2005 
A memory leak in the worker MPM in Apache 2 could allow remote attackers to cause a Denial of Service (memory consumption) via aborted commands in certain circumstances, which prevents the memory for the transaction pool from being reused for other connections.

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