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Mandriva: 2014:232: glibc  27 November 2014 
Updated glibc package fixes security vulnerability: The function wordexp\(\) fails to properly handle the WRDE_NOCMD flag when processing arithmetic inputs in the form of $((... ``)) where ... can be anything valid. The backticks in the arithmetic [More...]
Mandriva: 2014:231: icecast  27 November 2014 
Updated icecast package fixes security vulnerability: Icecast did not properly handle the launching of scripts on connect or disconnect of sources. This could result in sensitive information from these scripts leaking to (external) clients (CVE-2014-9018). [More...]
Mandriva: 2014:230: kernel  27 November 2014 
Multiple vulnerabilities has been found and corrected in the Linux kernel: The WRMSR processing functionality in the KVM subsystem in the Linux kernel through 3.17.2 does not properly handle the writing of a [More...]
Mandriva: 2014:229: libvncserver  26 November 2014 
Updated libvncserver packages fix security vulnerabilities: A malicious VNC server can trigger incorrect memory management handling by advertising a large screen size parameter to the VNC client. This would result in multiple memory corruptions and could allow remote [More...]
Mandriva: 2014:228: phpmyadmin  26 November 2014 
Multiple vulnerabilities has been discovered and corrected in phpmyadmin: * Multiple XSS vulnerabilities (CVE-2014-8958). [More...]
Mandriva: 2014:227: ffmpeg  25 November 2014 
Multiple vulnerabilities has been discovered and corrected in ffmpeg: The decode_init function in libavcodec/huffyuv.c in FFmpeg before 1.1 allows remote attackers to have an unspecified impact via a crafted width in huffyuv data with the predictor set to median and [More...]
Mandriva: 2014:226: imagemagick  25 November 2014 
Updated imagemagick packages fix security vulnerabilities: ImageMagick is vulnerable to a denial of service due to out-of-bounds memory accesses in the resize code (CVE-2014-8354), PCX parser (CVE-2014-8355), DCM decoder (CVE-2014-8562), and JPEG decoder [More...]
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