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Mandriva: 2015:152: libjpeg  29 March 2015 
Updated libjpeg packages fix security vulnerability: Passing a specially crafted jpeg file to libjpeg-turbo could lead to stack smashing (CVE-2014-9092). [More...] _______________________________________________________________________
Mandriva: 2015:151: libksba  29 March 2015 
Updated libksba packages fix security vulnerability: By using special crafted S/MIME messages or ECC based OpenPGP data, it is possible to create a buffer overflow, which could lead to a denial of service (CVE-2014-9087). [More...]
Mandriva: 2015:150: liblzo  29 March 2015 
Updated liblzo packages fix security vulnerability: An integer overflow in liblzo before 2.07 allows attackers to cause a denial of service or possibly code execution in applications performing LZO decompression on a compressed payload from the attacker [More...]
Mandriva: 2015:149: libsndfile  29 March 2015 
Updated libsndfile packages fix security vulnerabilities: libsndfile contains multiple buffer-overflow vulnerabilities in src/sd2.c because it fails to properly bounds-check user supplied input, which may allow an attacker to execute arbitrary code or cause [More...]
Mandriva: 2015:148: libssh2  29 March 2015 
Updated libssh2 packages fix security vulnerability: Mariusz Ziulek reported that libssh2, a SSH2 client-side library, was reading and using the SSH_MSG_KEXINIT packet without doing sufficient range checks when negotiating a new SSH session with a remote server. A [More...]
Mandriva: 2015:147: libtiff  29 March 2015 
Updated libtiff packages fix security vulnerabilities: The libtiff image decoder library contains several issues that could cause the decoder to crash when reading crafted TIFF images (CVE-2014-8127, CVE-2014-8128, CVE-2014-8129, CVE-2014-8130, [More...]
Mandriva: 2015:142: nodejs  29 March 2015 
Updated nodejs package fixes security vulnerabilities: A memory corruption vulnerability, which results in a denial-of-service, was identified in the versions of V8 that ship with Node.js 0.8 and 0.10. In certain circumstances, a particularly deep [More...]
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