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Mandriva: 2014:253: apache-mod_wsgi  15 December 2014 
Updated apache-mod_wsgi package fixes security vulnerability: It was discovered that mod_wsgi incorrectly handled errors when setting up the working directory and group access rights. A malicious application could possibly use this issue to cause a local privilege [More...]
Mandriva: 2014:252: nss  15 December 2014 
Updated nss packages fix security vulnerabilities: In the QuickDER decoder in NSS before 3.17.3, ASN.1 DER decoding of lengths is too permissive, allowing undetected smuggling of arbitrary data (CVE-2014-1569). [More...]
Mandriva: 2014:251: rpm  14 December 2014 
Updated rpm packages fix security vulnerabilities: It was found that RPM wrote file contents to the target installation directory under a temporary name, and verified its cryptographic signature only after the temporary file has been [More...]
Mandriva: 2014:250: cpio  14 December 2014 
Updated cpio package fixes security vulnerability: Heap-based buffer overflow in the process_copy_in function in GNU Cpio 2.11 allows remote attackers to cause a denial of service via a large block value in a cpio archive (CVE-2014-9112). [More...]
Mandriva: 2014:249: qemu  14 December 2014 
Updated qemu packages fix security vulnerabilities: During migration, the values read from migration stream during ram load are not validated. Especially offset in host_from_stream_offset() and also the length of the writes in the callers of the said function. A [More...]
Mandriva: 2014:248: graphviz  14 December 2014 
Updated graphviz packages fix security vulnerability: Format string vulnerability in the yyerror function in lib/cgraph/scan.l in Graphviz allows remote attackers to have unspecified impact via format string specifiers in unknown vector, [More...]
Mandriva: 2014:247: jasper  14 December 2014 
Updated jasper packages fix security vulnerability: Josh Duart of the Google Security Team discovered heap-based buffer overflow flaws in JasPer, which could lead to denial of service (application crash) or the execution of arbitrary code (CVE-2014-9029). [More...]
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