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Gentoo: openafs Cryptographic weakness vulnerability  30 March 2003 
A cryptographic weakness in version 4 of the Kerberos protocol allows anattacker to use a chosen-plaintext attack to impersonate any principal in arealm. OpenAFS kaserver implements version 4 of the Kerberos protocol, andtherefore is vulnerable.
Gentoo: zlib stack overflow vulnerability  28 March 2003 
The function gzprintf() is similar in behaviour to fprintf() except that by default, this function will smash the stack if called with arguments that expand to more than Z_PRINTF_BUFSIZE (=4096 by default) bytes.
Gentoo: glibc Remote integer overflow vulnerability  25 March 2003 
Various conditions may be presented that can permit an attacker to remotelyexploit a service using this vulnerable routine in the XDR library.
Gentoo: stunnel Remote timing attack  25 March 2003 
Researchers have discovered a timing attack on RSA keys, to whichOpenSSL is generally vulnerable, unless RSA blinding has been turnedon.
Gentoo: mod_ssl timing based attack vulnerability  25 March 2003 
Researchers have discovered a timing attack on RSA keys, to which OpenSSL is generally vulnerable, unless RSA blinding has been turned on.
Gentoo: glibc buffer overflow vulnerability  25 March 2003 
The xdrmem_getbytes() function in the XDR library provided by Sun Microsystems contains an integer overflow.
Gentoo: bitchx buffer overflow vulnerabilities  24 March 2003 
Bitchx is full of sprintf() calls and relying on BIG_BUFFER_SIZE being large enough.
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