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Gentoo: nfs-utils Denial of service  19 July 2003 
Local or remote attacker which is capable to send RPC request tovulnerable mountd daemon could execute artitrary code or causedenial of service.
Gentoo: gtksee Buffer overflow vulnerability  11 July 2003 
Attackers can use carefully crafted png pictures to execute arbitrarycommands using a buffer overflow in when viewed in gtksee.
Gentoo: ypserv Remote denial of service  11 July 2003 
ypserv NIS server before 2.7 allows remote attackers to cause a denialof service via a TCP client request that does not respond to the server,which causes ypserv to block.
Gentoo: cistronradius Buffer overflow vulnerability  11 July 2003 
Cistron RADIUS daemon (radiusd-cistron) 1.6.6 and earlier allows remoteattackers to cause a denial of service and possibly execute arbitrarycode via a large value in an NAS-Port attribute, which is interpretedas a negative number and causes a buffer overflow.
Gentoo: unzip Directory traversal vulnerability  11 July 2003 
By inserting invalid characters between ".." attackers can overwritearbitrary files.
Gentoo: mikmod arbitrary code execution vulnerability  03 July 2003 
Buffer overflow in mikmod 3.1.6 and earlier allows remote attackers to execute arbitrary code via an archive file that contains a file with a long filename.
Gentoo: gnocatan multiple vulnerabilities  01 July 2003 
Bas Wijnen discovered that the gnocatan server is vulnerable to several buffer overflows which could be exploited to execute arbitrary code on the server system.
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