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Gentoo: media-video/mplayer Buffer overflow vulnerability  29 September 2003 
A remotely exploitable buffer overflow vulnerability was found in MPlayer. A malicious host can craft a harmful ASX header, and trick MPlayer into executing arbitrary code upon parsing that header.
Gentoo: openssh Multiple PAM vulnerabilities  23 September 2003 
Portable OpenSSH versions 3.7p1 and 3.7.1p1 contain multiplevulnerabilities in the new PAM code. At least one of these bugsis remotely exploitable (under a non-standard configuration,with privsep disabled).
Gentoo: sendmail Buffer overflow vulnerabilities  17 September 2003 
Fix a buffer overflow in address parsing. Fix a potential buffer overflow in ruleset parsing. This problemis not exploitable in the default sendmail configuration.
Gentoo: openssh Buffer management error  16 September 2003 
ll versions of OpenSSH's sshd prior to 3.7 contain a buffer managementerror. It is uncertain whether this error is potentially exploitable,however, we prefer to see bugs fixed proactively.
Gentoo: exim buffer overflow vulnerability  16 September 2003 
There's a heap overflow in all versions of exim3 and exim4 priorto version 4.21. It can be exercised by anyone who can make anSMTP connection to the exim daemon.
Gentoo: mysql buffer overflow vulnerability  15 September 2003 
Anyone with global administrative privileges on a MySQL server may execute arbitrary code even on a host he isn't supposed to have a shell on, with the privileges of the system account running the MySQL server.
Gentoo: 'atari800' buffer overflow  02 September 2003 
atari800 contains a buffer overflow which could be used by an attackerto gain root privileges.
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