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Gentoo: samba Multiple Vulnerabilities  29 April 2004 
There is a bug in smbfs which may allow local users to gain root via asetuid file on a mounted Samba share. Also, there is a tmpfile symlinkvulnerability in the smbprint script distributed with Samba.
Gentoo: xine Multiple vulnerabilities  28 April 2004 
Several vulnerabilities have been found in xine-ui and xine-lib, potentially allowing an attacker to overwrite files with the rights of the user.
Gentoo: LCDproc Multiple vulnerabilities  28 April 2004 
Multiple remote vulnerabilities have been found in the LCDd server, allowing execution of arbitrary code with the rights of the LCDd user.
Gentoo: ssmtp Multiple vulnerabilities  28 April 2004 
Multiple format string vulnerabilities may allow an attacker to run arbitrary code with ssmtp's privileges.
Gentoo: ipsec-tools and iputils Denial of service vulnerability  28 April 2004 
Attackers may be able to craft an ISAKMP header of sufficient length to consume all available system resources, causing a Denial of Service. Further discussion of advisory at bottom.
Gentoo: monit Multiple vulnerabilities  19 April 2004 
Two new vulnerabilities have been found in the HTTP interface of monit, possibly leading to denial of service or execution of arbitrary code.
Gentoo: XChat Stack overflow vulnerability  19 April 2004 
XChat is vulnerable to a stack overflow that may allow a remoteattacker to run arbitrary code.
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