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Gentoo: gv Buffer overflow vulnerability  13 August 2004 
gv contains an exploitable buffer overflow that allows an attacker to execute arbitrary code.
Gentoo: Roundup Filesystem access vulnerability  13 August 2004 
Roundup will make files owned by the user that it's running as accessable to a remote attacker.
Gentoo: Cfengine Heap corruption vulnerability  11 August 2004 
Cfengine is vulnerable to a remote root exploit from clients in AllowConnectionsFrom.
Gentoo: Horde-IMP Input validation vulnerability  11 August 2004 
Horde-IMP fails to properly sanitize email messages that contain malicious HTML or script code so that it is not safe for users of Internet Explorer when using the inline MIME viewer for HTML messages.
Gentoo: SpamAssassin Denial of service vulnerability  11 August 2004 
SpamAssassin is vulnerable to a Denial of Service attack when handling certain malformed messages.
Gentoo: Opera Multiple vulnerabilities  11 August 2004 
Several new vulnerabilities were found and fixed in Opera, including one allowing an attacker to read the local filesystem remotely.
Gentoo: PuTTY Buffer overflow vulnerability  11 August 2004 
PuTTY contains a vulnerability allowing a SSH server to execute arbitrary code on the connecting client.
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