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Gentoo: Ruby CGI::Session creates files insecurely  03 September 2004 
Depending on the default umask, any data stored using these methodscould be read by other users on the system.
Gentoo: xv buffer overflows  03 September 2004 
Multiple buffer overflow and integer handling vulnerabilities have beendiscovered in xv's image processing code. These vulnerabilities havebeen found in the xvbmp.c, xviris.c, xvpcx.c and xvpm.c source files.
Gentoo: egroupware multiple XSS vulnerabilities  02 September 2004 
Joxean Koret recently discovered multiple cross site scriptingvulnerabilities in various modules for the eGroupWare suite. Thisincludes the calendar, address book, messenger and ticket modules.
Gentoo: squid denial of service vulnerability  02 September 2004 
Squid 2.5.x versions contain a bug in the functions ntlm_fetch_string()and ntlm_get_string() which lack checking the int32_t offset "o" fornegative values.
Gentoo: python buffer overflow  02 September 2004 
If IPV6 is disabled in Python 2.2, getaddrinfo() is not able to handleIPV6 DNS requests properly and a buffer overflow occurs.
Gentoo: mysql temporary file vulnerability  01 September 2004 
Jeroen van Wolffelaar discovered that the MySQL database hot copyutility (, when using the scp method, uses temporaryfiles with predictable names.
Gentoo: vpopmail multiple vulnerabilities  01 September 2004 
vpopmail is vulnerable to several unspecified SQL injection exploits.Furthermore when using Sybase as the backend database vpopmail isvulnerable to a buffer overflow and format string exploit.
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