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Gentoo: webmin, usermin multiple vulnerabilities  12 September 2004 
There is an input validation bug in the webmail feature of Usermin.Additionally, the Webmin and Usermin installation scripts write to/tmp/.webmin without properly checking if it exists first.
Gentoo: samba remote printing vulnerability  10 September 2004 
After further verifications, it appearsthat a remote user can only deny service to himself, so this bug doesnot induce any security issue at all.
Gentoo: lha multiple vulnerabilities  08 September 2004 
The command line argument as well as the archive parsing code of LHalack sufficient bounds checking. Furthermore, a shell meta charactercommand execution vulnerability exists in LHa, since it does no properfiltering on directory names.
Gentoo: imagemagick, imlib, imlib2 BMP decoding buffer overflows  08 September 2004 
Due to improper bounds checking, ImageMagick and imlib are vulnerableto a buffer overflow when decoding runlength-encoded bitmaps.
Gentoo: star suid root vulnerability  07 September 2004 
A suid root vulnerability exists in versions of star that areconfigured to use ssh for remote tape access.
Gentoo: multi-gnome-terminal information leak  06 September 2004 
multi-gnome-terminal contains debugging code that has been known tooutput active keystrokes to a potentially unsafe location.
Gentoo: mit-krb5 multiple vulnerabilities  06 September 2004 
The implementation of the Key Distribution Center (KDC) and the MITkrb5 library contain double-free vulnerabilities, making clientprograms as well as application servers vulnerable.The ASN.1 decoder library is vulnerable to a denial of service attack,including the KDC.
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