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FreeBSD: iBCS2 kernel vulnerability  11 August 2003 
The iBCS2 system call translator for statfs erroneously used theuser-supplied length parameter when copying a kernel data structureinto userland. If the length parameter were larger than required,then instead of copying only the statfs-related data structure,additional kernel memory would also be made available to the user.
FreeBSD: signal kernel vulnerability  11 August 2003 
Some mechanisms for causing a signal to be sent did not properlyvalidate the signal number, in some cases allowing the kernel toattempt to deliver a negative or out-of-range signal number.
FreeBSD: libc realpath off-by-one vulnerability  05 August 2003 
An off-by-one error exists in a portion of realpath(3) that computesthe length of the resolved pathname.
FreeBSD: libc buffer overflow vulnerability  04 August 2003 
An off-by-one error exists in a portion of realpath(3) that computesthe length of the resolved pathname.
FreeBSD: seti@home vulnerability  08 April 2003 
A port in the FreeBSD Ports Collection is affected by a security issue.
FreeBSD: samba multiple vulnerabilities  07 April 2003 
There are multiple vulnerabiilities in samba.
FreeBSD: sendmail Buffer overflow vulnerability  30 March 2003 
A buffer overflow that may occur during header parsing was identified.The overflow is possible due to a programming error involving typeconversions in the C programming language.
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