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FreeBSD-SA-98:04:security compromise via mmap  02 June 1998 
It is possible for a process to open an append-only file according to the limitations of the flags, and then mmap the file shared with write permission even when the file is marked as append-only or immutable. This circumvents the concept of the the append-only flag.
FreeBSD-SA-98:03:Problems with TTCP  14 May 1998 
An accelerated open is initiated by a client by sending a new TCP option, called CC, to the server. The kernel keeps a special cache for each host it communicated with, among others containing the value of the last CC option used by the client. A new accelerated open is allowed when the CC sent is larger than the one in the per-host cache. Thus one can spoof complete connections.
FreeBSD-SA-98:02:security compromise via mmap  12 March 1998 
Due to a 4.4BSD VM system problem, it is possible to memory-map a read-only descriptor to a character device in read-write mode.
FreeBSD-SA-97:06:Pentium processors have flaw allowing unpriviledged crashes  09 December 1997 
A specific sequence of instructions, starting with the byte codes F0 0F (hex) cause Pentium processors to lock up. This lockup wedges the entire system, requiring a hard reset to correct. Systems that allow users to run arbitrary code are vulnerable to this attack.
FreeBSD-SA-98:01:LAND attack can cause harm to running FreeBSD systems  01 December 1997 
A problem exists in most FreeBSD derived stacks that allows a malicious user to send a packet that causes the sytsem to lock up, thus producing a denial of service attack.
FreeBSD-SA-97:05:security compromise via open()  29 October 1997 
A problem exists in the open() syscall that allows processes to obtain a valid file descriptor without having read or write permissions on the file being opened. This is normally not a problem. The FreeBSD way of obtaining the right to do io instructions however, is based on the right to open a specific file (/dev/io).
FreeBSD-SA-97:04:security compromise via procfs  19 August 1997 
A problem exists in the procfs kernel code that allows processes to write memory of other processes where it should have been prohibited.
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