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FreeBSD: kernel memory disclosure vulnerability  03 October 2003 
Several cases were identified where members of `struct uio' were notproperly validated before being used. In particular, the `uio_offset'member may be negative or extremely large, and was used to compute theregion of kernel memory to be returned to the user.
FreeBSD: kernel file descriptor leak  02 October 2003 
A programming error in the readv system call can result in the givenfile descriptor's reference count being erroneously incremented.
FreeBSD: ARP resource starvation DoS  24 September 2003 
Under certain circumstances, it is possible for an attacker to flood aFreeBSD system with spoofed ARP requests, causing resource starvationwhich eventually results in a system panic.
FreeBSD: sendmail Multiple overflow vulnerabilities  17 September 2003 
A buffer overflow that may occur during header parsing was identified. An attacker could create a specially crafted message that may causesendmail to execute arbitrary code with the privileges of the userrunning sendmail, typically root.
FreeBSD: buffer management error  16 September 2003 
A bug has been found in OpenSSH's buffer handling where a buffer could be marked as grown when the actual reallocation failed.
FreeBSD: sendmail DNS map vulnerability  26 August 2003 
Some versions of sendmail (8.12.0 through 8.12.8) contain aprogramming error in the code that implements DNS maps. A malformedDNS reply packet may cause sendmail to call `free()' on anuninitialized pointer.
FreeBSD: kernel signal vulnerability  12 August 2003 
Some mechanisms for causing a signal to be sent did not properlyvalidate the signal number, in some cases allowing the kernel toattempt to deliver a negative or out-of-range signal number.
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