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FreeBSD: Kernel memory disclosure in procfs and linprocfs  02 December 2004 
The implementation of the /proc/curproc/cmdline pseudofile in the procfs(5) file system on FreeBSD 4.x and 5.x, and of the /proc/self/cmdline pseudofile in the linprocfs(5) file system on FreeBSD 5.x reads a process' argument vector from the process address space. During this operation, a pointer was dereferenced directly without the necessary validation steps being performed.
FreeBSD: fetch Overflow error  18 November 2004 
An integer overflow condition in the processing of HTTP headers can result in a buffer overflow.
FreeBSD: Multiple packages  12 October 2004 
Several ports in the FreeBSD Ports Collection are affected by securityissues. These are listed below with references and affected versions.
FreeBSD: syscons Boundary checking errors in syscons  04 October 2004 
The syscons CONS_SCRSHOT ioctl(2) does insufficient validation of its input arguments. In particular, negative coordinates or large coordinates may cause unexpected behavior.
FreeBSD: cvs number of vulnerabilities  20 September 2004 
A number of vulnerabilities were discovered in CVS by Stefan Esser, Sebastian Krahmer, and Derek Price.
FreeBSD: kernel Improper memory access vulnerability  02 July 2004 
It may be possible for a local attacker to read and/or overwrite portions of kernel memory, resulting in disclosure of sensitive information or potential privilege escalation.
FreeBSD: kernel Excessive privilege vulnerability  08 June 2004 
Jailed processes can manipulate host routing tables.
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