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Debian: 'apache/apache-ssl' input validation vulnerability  27 July 2001 
Posted by Team   
By placing a custom crafted request to the Apache server consisting of a long path name created artificially by using numerous slashes, this can cause these modules to misbehave, making it possible to escape the error page, and gain a listing of the directory contents.
Debian: 'cfingerd' multiple vulnerabilities  11 July 2001 
Posted by Team   
Buffer overflow and format string attack vulnerabilities exist in previous versions of cfingerd.
Debian: 'samba' remote file append/creation vulnerability  23 June 2001 
Posted by Team   
Samba can be tricked into appending any data he wants to all files on the filesystem which samba can write to under certain circumstances.
Debian: 'fetchmail' buffer overflow vulnerability  18 June 2001 
Posted by Team   
Wolfram Kleff found a problem in fetchmail: it would crash whenprocessing emails with extremely long headers. The problem wasa buffer overflow in the header parser which could be exploited.
Debian: 'rxvt' buffer overflow vulnerability  18 June 2001 
Posted by Team   
Since rxvt is installed sgid utmp an attacker could use thisto gain utmp which would allow him to modify the utmp file.
Debian: 'gnupg' multiple vulnerabilities  18 June 2001 
Posted by Team   
A printf format string attack and "web of trust" pollution vulnerabilities have been fixed.
Debian: 'xinetd' multiple vulnerabilities  18 June 2001 
Posted by Team   
A buffer overflow condition and insecure umask mode vulnerabilities have been fixed.
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