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Debian: 'at' Local privilege escalation  16 January 2002 
Posted by Team   
zen-parse found a bug in the current implementation of at which leadsinto a heap corruption vulnerability which in turn could potentiallylead into an exploit of the daemon user.
Debian: 'sudo' Local privilege escalation  14 January 2002 
Posted by Team   
Attackers may trick "sudo" to log failed sudo invocations executing the sendmail program with root-privileges and not completely cleaned environment.
Debian: 'cipe' DoS attack vulnerability  14 January 2002 
Posted by Team   
Larry McVoy found a bug in the packet handling code for the CIPEVPN package: it did not check if a received packet was too shortand could crash.
Debian: 'glibc' Buffer overflow vulnerability  13 January 2002 
Posted by Team   
A buffer overflow has been found in the globbing code for glibc.This code which is used to glob patterns for filenames and iscommonly used in applications like shells and FTP servers.
Debian: 'gzip' Potential buffer overflow  13 January 2002 
Posted by Team   
GOBBLES found a buffer overflow in gzip that occurs when compressingfiles with really long filenames. Even though GOBBLES claims to havedeveloped an exploit to take advantage of this bug, it has been saidby others that this problem is not likely to be exploitable as othersecurity incidents.
Debian: 'XChat' Remote session hijacking vulnerability  13 January 2002 
Posted by Team   
It is possible to trick XChat IRC clients into sending arbitrarycommands to the IRC server they are on, potentially allowing socialengineering attacks, channel takeovers, and denial of service.
Debian: 'libgtop' Remote nobody exploit  08 January 2002 
Posted by Team   
libgtop_daemon runs as user nobody both bugs could be usedto gain access as the nobody user to a system running libgtop_daemon.
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