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Debian: 'hanterm' Local buffer overflow  16 February 2002 
Posted by Team   
A set of buffer overflow problems have been found in hanterm, a Hangulterminal for X11 derived from xterm, that will read and display Koreancharacters in its terminal window.
Debian: 'ucd-snmp' Multiple remote vulnerabilities  14 February 2002 
Posted by Team   
These packages prevent possible denial of service attacks andsecurity breaches as discovered by the Oulu University Secure Programming Group.
Debian: 'cupsys' Remote buffer overflow  13 February 2002 
Posted by Team   
The authors of CUPS, the Common UNIX Printing System, have found apotential buffer overflow bug in the code of the CUPS daemon where itreads the names of attributes. This affects all versions of CUPS.
Debian: 'faqomatic' Cross-site scripting vulnerability  13 February 2002 
Posted by Team   
Due to unescaped HTML code Faq-O-Matic returned unverified scriptingcode to the browser. With some tweaking this enables an attacker tosteal cookies from one of the Faq-O-Matic moderators or the admin.
Debian: 'uucp' Unauthorized access vulnerability  08 February 2002 
Posted by Team   
Previous versions permit a local user to copy any file to anywhere which is writable bythe uucp uid, which effectively means that a local user can completelysubvert the UUCP subsystem, including stealing mail, etc.
Debian: 'wmtv' Symlink vulnerability  07 February 2002 
Posted by Team   
With the current version of wmtv, theconfiguration file is written back as the superuser, and without anyfurther checks. A mailicious user might use that to damage importantfiles
Debian: UPDATE: 'rsync' Remote command execution  03 February 2002 
Posted by Team   
Unfortunately the patch used to fix that problem broke rsync.This has been fixed in version 2.3.2-1.5 and we recommend youupgrade to that version immediately.
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