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Debian: moxftp buffer overflow vulnerability  09 April 2003 
Posted by Team   
Insufficient bounds checking could lead to execution of arbitrary code, provided by a malicious FTP server.
Debian: samba buffer overflow vulnerability  07 April 2003 
Posted by Team   
There is a vulnerability that can lead to an anonymous user gaining root access on a Samba serving system.
Debian: metrics insecure tmp file creation vulnerability  07 April 2003 
Posted by Team   
Two scripts in the metrics package, "halstead" and "gather_stats", open temporary files without taking appropriate security precautions.
Debian: UPDATED: mutt buffer overflow vulnerability  07 April 2003 
Posted by Team   
Byrial Jensen discovered a couple of off-by-one buffer overflow in the IMAP code of Mutt, a text-oriented mail reader supporting IMAP, MIME, GPG, PGP and threading.
Debian: UPDATE: sendmail buffer overflow vulnerability  04 April 2003 
Posted by Team   
This is a major brown paperbag update. The old packages for the stable distribution (woody) did not work as expected and you should only update to the new packages mentioned in this advisory.
Debian: sendmail buffer overflow vulnerability  04 April 2003 
Posted by Team   
There is a buffer overflow, triggered by a char to int conversion, in the address parsing code in sendmail.
Debian: apcupsd multiple vulnerabilities  03 April 2003 
Posted by Team   
The controlling and management daemon apcupsd for APC's UPS's is vulnerable to several buffer overflows and format string attacks.
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