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Debian: UPDATE: 'libpng/libpng3' Buffer overflow vulnerability  05 August 2002 
Posted by Team   
In addition to the advisory DSA 140-1 the packages below fix anotherpotential buffer overflow. The PNG libraries implement a safetymargin which is also included in a newer upstream release.
Debian: 'super' Format string vulnerability  01 August 2002 
Posted by Team   
Exploiting this format string vulnerability a local user cangain unauthorized root accesss.
Debian: 'libpng2/libpng3' Buffer overflow vulnerability  01 August 2002 
Posted by Team   
Deliberately malformeddatastreams would crash applications which could potentially allow anattacker to execute malicious code. Programs such as Galeon,Konquerer and various others make use of these libraries.
Debian: 'mpack' Buffer overflow vulnerability  01 August 2002 
Posted by Team   
Ifmunpack is run on an appropriately malformed email (or news article)then it will crash, and perhaps can be made to run arbitrary code.
Debian: 'gallery'  31 July 2002 
Posted by Team   
A problem was found in gallery (a web-based photo album toolkit): itwas possible to pass in the GALLERY_BASEDIR variable remotely. Thismade it possible to execute commands under the uid of web-server.
Debian: 'mm' Insecure temporary files vulnerability  30 July 2002 
Posted by Team   
This problem canbe exploited to gain root access to a machine running Apache which islinked against this library, if shell access to the user ``www-data''is already available (which could easily be triggered through PHP).
Debian: openssl multiple remote exploits  30 July 2002 
Posted by Team   
The OpenSSL development team has announced that a security audit by A.L. Digital Ltd and remotely exploitable buffer overflow conditions in the OpenSSL code. Additionaly, the ASN1 parser in OpenSSL has a potential DoS attack independently discovered by Adi Stav and James Yonan.
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