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Debian: bitchx multiple vulnerabilities  19 May 2003 
Posted by Team   
Timo Sirainen discovered several overflow problems in BitchX.
Debian: sendmail insecure tmp file vulnerability  16 May 2003 
Posted by Team   
aul Szabo discovered bugs in three scripts included in the sendmail package where temporary files were created insecurely (expn, checksendmail and
Debian: mysql privilege escalation vulnerability  16 May 2003 
Posted by Team   
There are multiple vulnerabilities in the mysql package.
Debian: lv privilege escalation vulnerability  16 May 2003 
Posted by Team   
lv reads options from a configuration file in the current directory. Because such a file could be placed there by a malicious user, and lv configuration options can be used to execute commands, this represented a security vulnerability.
Debian: fuzz Local privilege escalation vulnerability  07 May 2003 
Posted by Team   
This bug could allow an attacker to gain the privilegesof the user invoking fuzz, excluding root (fuzz does not allow itselfto be invoked as root).
Debian: libgtop Remote buffer overflow vulnerability  07 May 2003 
Posted by Team   
The gtop daemon, used for monitoring remote machines, contains abuffer overflow which could be used by an attacker to executearbitrary code with the privileges of the daemon process.
Debian: leksbot improper setuid-root execution  06 May 2003 
Posted by Team   
Due to a packaging error, the program /usr/bin/KATAXWR was inadvertently installed setuid root.
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