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Debian: 'apache-perl' Remote DoS vulnerability  20 June 2002 
Posted by Team   
A remote denial of service vulnerability has been fixed in version 1.3.9-14.1-1.21.20000309-1 of the Debianapache-perl package and we recommand that you upgrade your apache-perlpackage immediately.
Debian: DoS attack in the Apache web-server  19 June 2002 
Posted by Team   
Mark Litchfield found a denial of service attack in the Apache web-server. While investigating the problem the Apache Software Foundation discovered that the code for handling invalid requests which use chunked encoding also might allow arbitrary code execution on 64 bit architectures.
Debian: 'ethereal' Remote memory allocation error  01 June 2002 
Posted by Team   
Ethereal versions prior to 0.9.3 were vulnerable to an allocation errorin the ASN.1 parser. This can be triggered when analyzing traffic usingthe SNMP, LDAP, COPS, or Kerberos protocols in ethereal.
Debian: 'uucp' Remote DoS  01 June 2002 
Posted by Team   
An authentication agent in the uucp package does not properly terminate certain long input strings.
Debian: 'sudo' Local buffer overflow vulnerability  25 April 2002 
Posted by Team   
A buffer overflow in the variable expansion codeused by sudo for its prompt has been fixed. Since sudo is necessarily installed suidroot a local user can use this to gain root access.
Debian: 'xpilot' Remote buffer overflow vulnerability  17 April 2002 
Posted by Team   
This overflow can be abused by remote attackers to gain access tothe server under which the xpilot server is running.
Debian: 'imp' Cross-site scripting vulnerability  16 April 2002 
Posted by Team   
A cross-site scripting (CSS) problem was discovered in Horde and IMP (a webbased IMAP mail package). This was fixed upstream in Horde version 1.2.8and IMP version 2.2.8.
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