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Debian: squirrelmail XSS vulnerabilities  07 November 2002 
Posted by Team   
Several cross site scripting vulnerabilities have been found in squirrelmail.
Debian: window maker buffer overflow  07 November 2002 
Posted by Team   
There is a problem in the image handling code use in Window Maker.
Debian: luxman local root exploit  07 November 2002 
Posted by Team   
There is a vulnerability in LuxMan. When successfully exploited it a local attacker with read write access to the Memory, leading to a local root compromise in many ways, examples of which include scanning the file for fragments of the master password file and modifying kernel memory to re-map system calls.
Debian: apache-ssl multiple vulnerabilities  05 November 2002 
Posted by Team   
There are vulnerabilities that could allow an attacker to enact a denial of service against a server or execute a cross scripting attack, or steal cookies from other web site users. Vulnerabilities in the included lecacy programs htdigest, htpasswd and ApacheBench can be exploited when called via CGI.
Debian: apache multiple vulnerabilities  04 November 2002 
Posted by Team   
There are several remotely exploitable vulnerabilities in apache. These vulnerabilities could allow an attacker to enact a denial of service against a server or execute a cross scripting attack.
Debian: log2mail buffer overflow  01 November 2002 
Posted by Team   
There is a buffer overflow in log2mail. A specially crafted (remote) log message could overflow a static buffer, potentially leaving log2mail to execute arbitrary code as root.
Debian: heimdal buffer overflow  31 October 2002 
Posted by Team   
A stack buffer overflow in the kadm_ser_wrap_in function in the Kerberos v4 administration server was discovered.
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