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Debian: php4 XSS vulnerability  17 July 2003 
Posted by Team   
The transparent session ID feature in the php4 package does notproperly escape user-supplied input before inserting it into thegenerated HTML page.
Debian: falconseye buffer overflow vulnerability  15 July 2003 
Posted by Team   
The falconseye package is vulnerable to a buffer overflow exploited via a long '-s' command line option.
Debian: traceroute-nanog buffer overflow vulnerability  14 July 2003 
Posted by Team   
traceroute-nanog, contains an integer overflow bug which could be exploited toexecute arbitrary code.
Debian: nfs-utils buffer overflow vulnerability  14 July 2003 
Posted by Team   
The logging code in nfs-utils contains an off-by-one buffer overrunwhen adding a newline to the string being logged.
Debian: teapop SQL injection vulnerability  10 July 2003 
Posted by Team   
The SQL modules do not properlyescape user-supplied strings before using them in SQL queries.
Debian: phpsysinfo directory traversal vulnerability  10 July 2003 
Posted by Team   
There are two vulnerabilities which could allow local files to be read,or arbitrary PHP code to be executed, under the privileges of the webserver process (usually www-data).
Debian: unzip directory traversal vulnerability  10 July 2003 
Posted by Team   
A directory traversal vulnerability in UnZip 5.50 allows attackers to bypass a check for relative pathnames ("../") by placing certain invalid characters between the two "." characters.
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