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Debian: ssh Multiple additional vulnerabilities  21 September 2003 
Posted by Team   
This advisory is an addition to the earlier DSA-382-1 and DSA-382-3advisories: Solar Designer found four more bugs in OpenSSH that may beexploitable.
Debian: ssh-krb5 Multiple vulnerabilities  21 September 2003 
Posted by Team   
This advisory is an addition to the earlier DSA-383-1 advisory: SolarDesigner found four more bugs in OpenSSH that may be exploitable.
Debian: ipmasq Insecure packet filtering rules  20 September 2003 
Posted by Team   
Due to use ofcertain improper filtering rules, traffic arriving on the externalinterface addressed for an internal host would be forwarded,regardless of whether it was associated with an establishedconnection.
Debian: hztty Local buffer overflow  19 September 2003 
Posted by Team   
hztty, a program to translate Chinese character encodings in aterminal session. These vulnerabilities could be exploited by a localattacker to gain root privileges on a system where hztty is installed.
Debian: libmailtools-perl Local input validation vulnerability  19 September 2003 
Posted by Team   
Mail::Mailer module, a Perl module used for sending email, wherebypotentially untrusted input is passed to a program such as mailx,which may interpret certain escape sequences as commands to beexecuted.
Debian: gopher Remote buffer overflow vulnerability  19 September 2003 
Posted by Team   
gopherd, a gopher server from the University of Minnesota, contains anumber of buffer overflows which could be exploited by a remoteattacker to execute arbitrary code with the privileges of the gopherdprocess.
Debian: kdebase Multiple remote vulnerabilities  19 September 2003 
Posted by Team   
Two vulnerabilities were discovered in kdebase including root privilege escalation and unauthorized access vulnerabilities.
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