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Debian: libpam-smb buffer overflow vulnerability  26 August 2003 
Posted by Team   
If a long password is supplied, this cancause a buffer overflow which could be exploited to execute arbitrarycode with the privileges of the process which invokes PAM services.
Debian: unzip directory traversal vulnerability  26 August 2003 
Posted by Team   
A directory traversal vulnerability in UnZip 5.50 allows attackers tobypass a check for relative pathnames ("../") by placing certain invalidcharacters between the two "." characters.
Debian: man-db denial of service vulnerability  18 August 2003 
Posted by Team   
This update introduced an error in the routinethat resolves hardlinks: depending on the filenames of hardlinked manpages, that routine might itself overrun allocated memory, causing asegmentation fault.
Debian: netris Buffer overflow vulnerability  17 August 2003 
Posted by Team   
A netris client connectingto an untrusted netris server could be sent an unusually long datapacket, which would be copied into a fixed-length buffer withoutbounds checking.
Debian: autorespond Buffer overflow vulnerability  16 August 2003 
Posted by Team   
This vulnerability could potentiallybe exploited by a remote attacker to gain the privileges of a user whohas configured qmail to forward messages to autorespond.
Debian: kernel oops  14 August 2003 
Posted by Team   
This advisory provides a correction to the previous kernel updates,which contained an error introduced in kernel-source-2.4.18 version2.4.18-10.
Debian: pam-pgsql format string vulnerability  11 August 2003 
Posted by Team   
There is a vulnerability in pam-pgsql whereby theusername to be used for authentication is used as a format string whenwriting a log message.
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