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A Year Ago: Exclusive: UK hackers have an easy life  07 July 2000 
Source: ZDNet - Posted by Chris Pallack   
A Welsh ex-hacker, famed for cracking the Pentagon's computers from his Cardiff bedroom, claims inadequacies in UK law and erratic media coverage guarantee leniency for British hackers -- even for serious offences.. . .
Hacker attacks welcomed.. I'm sure they are.  06 July 2000 
Source: - Posted by Dave Wreski   
The recent ZDNet OpenHack project claims to "Openhack data will help e-businesses develop the appropriate balance of Net security, openness". Jericho from has a different view. "Does this bring flashbacks of any previous contest? Does for me. I seem to recall the same group running a contest like this before. I also recall the previous contest being extremely unbalanced, poorly setup, and very unclear as to the actual goal of it.. . .
Commentary: Crackers are common criminals  06 July 2000 
Source: The Register - Posted by Benjamin D. Thomas   
On British TV the other night, a young hacker from Wales was asked why he had broken into a computer and downloaded several thousand people's bank details. He replied that he had done it to prove that the bank's security procedures . . .
No Love For Computer Bugs  05 July 2000 
Source: NewsBytes - Posted by Dave Wreski   
"Anthony Carathimas, an intense, dark-haired college student, is writing his first computer virus. His eyes locked on his computer screen at Sandia National Laboratories' Livermore branch, he tentatively types a line: Cat virus >> /etc/profile"
NASA disputes report that hacker endangered astronauts  05 July 2000 
Source: CNN - Posted by Benjamin D. Thomas   
NASA denied a British report Monday that a computer hacker endangered space shuttle astronauts during a cyber attack on the space agency in 1997. According to a British Broadcasting Corp. documentary, a hacker overloaded a NASA computer system and threatened . . .
Hacking For The Common Good?  04 July 2000 
Source: ZDNet - Posted by Jen Olson   
He's nice-looking, polite and very intelligent. He goes by the name Rain Forest Puppy, RFP for short. It's a name that might suggest environmental leanings, but that would be a serious miscalculation. RFP may turn out to be the software industry's . . .
High-Tech Spy vs. Spy  04 July 2000 
Source: ABC News - Posted by Dave Wreski   
Transmeta chief executive David Ditzel chuckles at the memory of the sudden interest in the company's trash weeks before taking the wraps off its new, top-secret Crusoe computer chip. But with hundreds of millions of dollars of research on the line, keeping the microprocessor's specifications secret was no laughing matter.. . .
Hackers are common criminals  04 July 2000 
Source: TheRegister - Posted by Dave Wreski   
On British TV the other night, a young hacker from Wales was asked why he had broken into a computer and downloaded several thousand people's bank details. He replied that he had done it to prove that the bank's security procedures were inadequate. It should have been obvious that he had no criminal intent and naturally hadn't done anything with the downloaded details. If he hadn't done it, someone else would have. . . .
NASA: Hacker Threatened Mission  04 July 2000 
Source: Wired - Posted by Benjamin D. Thomas   
A computer hacker put space shuttle astronauts' lives at risk by overloading NASA's communication system in 1997, the agency told the BBC in a program to be aired Monday. The hacker interfered with computer systems monitoring the heartbeat, pulse, and medical . . .
Kaspersky Lab Warns to Be Careful  04 July 2000 
Source: Kaspersky - Posted by Jen Olson   
Kaspersky Lab, an international anti-virus software development company, announces the discovery of a new Internet-worm "Jer", which has an ability to penetrate computers at the moment users visit infected web pages. . . .
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