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HSBC internet sites hacked  20 September 2000 
Source: - Posted by Ryan W. Maple   
Jo Ticehurst writes "HSBC's UK internet site and three other international sites have been broken into as part of an ongoing hacking campaign in support of the fuel protest." YACoHTMaP (Yet Another Case of Hacking To Make a Point). . . .
Massive Denial-of-Service Attack Looming  20 September 2000 
Source: Newsbytes - Posted by Benjamin D. Thomas   
CERT warned that over the past two months it has received reports that computer vandals are scouring the Internet for computers containing a type of vulnerability that allows for the installation of automated "toolkits" that permit the intruder to control the . . .
Hiring hackers, the fine line between cult and criminal  19 September 2000 
Source: - Posted by Benjamin D. Thomas   
Obviously there are a lot of technically talented individuals running around in the hacking scene nowadays. There always have, it's the root of its existence. This has given birth to another interesting issue. Besides hacking being marketable and trendy, the underground . . .
Hackers forming zombie army  18 September 2000 
Source: ZDNet - Posted by Dave Wreski   
CERT Coordination Center says vandals are exploiting vulnerabilities in Unix systems -- preparing denial of service attacks. The attackers are in a position to launch a serious attack, according to the CERT Coordination Center (the report), which said that . . .
Hacking dare: break code, get $$$  18 September 2000 
Source: MSNBC - Posted by Dave Wreski   
This is no idle threat being launched by the Secure Digital Music Initiative, the industry consortium set up 18 months ago to figure out what the heck to do about the digital music mania, then just brewing online. (Napster hadn't even . . .
Hackers amass new zombie army  17 September 2000 
Source: MSNBC - Posted by Dave Wreski   
The nation's government-funded computer security watchdog issued a warning Friday that computer intruders have taken control of hundreds of computers connected to the Internet. The attackers are in a position to launch a serious attack, according to the CERT Coordination Center, . . .
So-called hackers: please grow up  15 September 2000 
Source: TheRegister - Posted by Chris Pallack   
We ran a story, Wednesday, on SDMI's open challenge to hackers to break its new music codes with the incentive of $10,000 for anyone that did. Yes, it was a PR stunt but it was a pretty good one. And a bloody big gamble.. . .
Linux community snubs SDMI hacker challenge  15 September 2000 
Source: ZDNet UK - Posted by Dave Wreski   
The Linux Journal is sponsoring a boycott of the Secure Digital Music Initiative hacking challenge, which starts Friday and promises to pay $10,000 (£6,100) to any hacker who strips out the watermark from a digital song.. . .
Hackers offered £7,000 to crack copyright protection technology  13 September 2000 
Source: ananova - Posted by Jen Olson   
The organisation responsible for coming up with a global standard for the secure distribution of music over the internet is to enlist the support of hackers. The Secure Digital Music Initiative has laid down a $10,000 (£7,000) challenge to anyone who . . .
Hacker Tells OPEC - Lower Oil Price, Help the Poor  13 September 2000 
Source: excite news - Posted by Jen Olson   
An internet hacker has broken into OPEC's Web site to tell the oil cartel in no uncertain terms to lower crude prices and help the world's poor. "I think I speak for everyone out there (the entire planet) when I say . . .
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