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Hackers hammer Irish Internet service  18 August 2000 
Source: ComputerWeekly - Posted by Jen Olson   
Thousands of computer users were left without an Internet connection after a hacker attacked the Irish Internet service provider Eircom. The company issued new passwords to its 240,000 customers in Ireland as a precautionary measure to protect e-mails and websites. . . .
Pro-Napster hacker attacks five dozen sites  17 August 2000 
Source: ZDNet UK - Posted by Ryan W. Maple   
Ben Charny writes "Hacker "Pimpshiz" said Wednesday he has exploited a bug in Windows NT to deface five dozen Web sites in the past two weeks, including NASA and the French national library."
Anti-Smoking Hacker Stubs Out UK Govt. Sites  16 August 2000 
Source: Newsbytes - Posted by Ryan W. Maple   
Steve Gold writes "An anti-smoking hacker is reported to have taken down at least nine British government Web sites in the last 24 hours, Sky News reported this morning." We see more and more of this every day: welcome . . .
Oxfam suffers security breach  16 August 2000 
Source: - Posted by Jen Olson   
Charity group, Oxfam, was hit by a security attack yesterday in which the email details of 300 customers were downloaded. A spokeswoman for the group explained a friendly hack was suspected. The organisation is just the latest in a series of . . .
Two charged in hacking, extortion scheme  15 August 2000 
Source: USA Today - Posted by Ryan W. Maple   
"Two Kazakhstan citizens were arrested in London and accused of breaking into Bloomberg LP's computer system in New York and trying to extort money from the financial data and news company." The new wave of "cyber-extortion" moves on. One . . .
UK - Safeway Hit By Internet Hoaxer  14 August 2000 
Posted by Chris Pallack   
Safeway's UK Web site is the latest major company site to suffer at the hands of the darker side of the Internet - the supermarket chain was reported this weekend to have had its 25,000-strong mailing list compromised.
Protesting Hacker to Walk Free  09 August 2000 
Source: Wired - Posted by Dave Wreski   
A hacker-turned-activist arrested during the Republican National Convention last week has been released from jail. A Philadelphia judge reduced bail for "ShapeShifter" from $500,000 to $100,000 during a hearing Tuesday afternoon, clearing the way for the staff member of hacker-zine 2600 . . .
Don't hire DefCon hackers  08 August 2000 
Source: GlobeTechnology - Posted by Dave Wreski   
From all over the world, they make the annual pilgrimage to Las Vegas. They have names such as Mudge, Null and Dark Tangent. Tattooed, pierced, tie-dyed and ready to brag, they wear motorcycle boots, leather and even kilts in the hot July desert sun.. . .
The Lawyer Hackers Call  08 August 2000 
Source: Forbes - Posted by Dave Wreski   
Say your day begins with a raid on your home or office by FBI agents. As they cart away your computer and everything connected to it, they tell you that you're a suspect in a computer hacking crime.. . .
A hacker crackdown?  07 August 2000 
Source: Salon - Posted by Dave Wreski   
As the long arm of the law reaches Napster and its lookalikes, programmers could be held responsible for what others do with their code. ... Shawn C. Reimerdes awoke on July 26, confident that his own fate had nothing to do . . .
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