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Hackers steal military source code  15 March 2001 
Posted by Nick DeClario   
US government contractor Exigent Software Technology has admitted that unidentified hackers broke into a restricted military computer system and stole the source codes controlling satellite and missile guidance systems. Hackers got away with two thirds of the code when the target . . .
Tiny C code bests seven-line DVD decoder  14 March 2001 
Source: The Register - Posted by Pete O'Hara   
Coder Charles M Hannum has created the smallest program capable of decoding a Content Scrambling System (CSS) DVD file, beating last week's seven-line Perl shell script 442 bytes to 472 (excluding newline bytes). Hannum's C program, called efdtt, is no slouch, . . .
Try to hack InTether, and it destroys the document  13 March 2001 
Source: MSNBC - Posted by Nick DeClario   
A small Austin start-up run by intelligence community alums is parachuting into the burgeoning, post-Napster, copy-protection market with a remarkably thin, invisible software product that claims to offer nearly invincible armor for music, video, film and e-books alike. But the most . . .
A Year Ago: Hackers question Denial of Service as political protest  13 March 2001 
Source: ZDNet UK - Posted by Dave Wreski   
The Electrohippies take on Cult of the Dead Cow in hacking legitimacy dispute A row has broken out between UK Internet activists, the Electrohippies, and US ethical hacking group, Cult of the Dead Cow, over whether Denial of . . .
Hackers Exploit Lax Security  09 March 2001 
Source: TechTV - Posted by Dave Wreski   
Watch out for those 'hackers'. "Are the hackers getting better, or is it just that the people in charge of security at big Web companies are nodding off on the job? Online shoppers have reason to wonder after another in a series of intrusions into e-commerce sites that were supposed to have the best security money could buy.. . .
Large Criminal Hacker Attack on Windows NT E-Banking and E-Commerce Sites [UPDATED]  09 March 2001 
Source: SANS - Posted by Dave Wreski   
Okay, NT content, but this SANS information can't go unnoticed. In the largest criminal Internet attack to date, a group of Eastern European hackers has spent a year systematically exploiting known Windows NT vulnerabilities to steal customer data. More than a million credit cards have been taken and more than 40 sites have been victimized.. . .
Political hackers are modern freedom fighters  08 March 2001 
Source: ZDNet UK - Posted by Pete O'Hara   
Hacktivists have officially moved from nerdish extremists to become the political protest visionaries of the digital age, a meeting at the Institute of Contemporary Arts in London will be told on Thursday. . . .
Breaking It Open, Making It Better  07 March 2001 
Source: Washington Post - Posted by Dave Wreski   
"Breaking Seal Voids Warranty" - to most people, this little sticker affixed to consumer-electronics hardware might as well be a law of nature. They plug in their gadget and turn it on but would never dream of opening it up. To . . .
Hacker group finds faults in crack challenge  07 March 2001 
Source: Fairfax IT - Posted by Jen Olson   
Hacker advocacy group 2600 Australia has called on a Perth company to honor its promise to donate $US1 million to charity after its network security device remained uncracked after a 30-day public trial. Secure Systems, which has developed a hardware-based network . . .
Survey: Breaches Drive Security Upgrades  05 March 2001 
Source: ComputerWorld - Posted by Jen Olson   
A major security breach within a company is the single greatest catalyst for effecting increased security measures across that organization, according to the results of a recently released survey from IDC in Framingham, Mass. Other big drivers of increased security measures . . .
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