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FBI Plan: Cybercrime Info Sharing  07 January 2001 
Source: Wired - Posted by Pete O'Hara   
The FBI announced Friday the completion of a program that seeks to combat cybercrime by encouraging companies to share information about Internet attacks they have experienced. Participating companies and the FBI would use encrypted e-mail and a secure website to warn . . .
Congress to tackle Net taxes, privacy  06 January 2001 
Source: Computer World - Posted by Benjamin D. Thomas   
In its new session that began this week, the U.S. Congress is facing two big high-tech issues: Internet taxes and online privacy. On the tax issue, in particular, the clock is ticking. The Internet tax moratorium act, which blocks new . . .
Washington E-Security Conference Paints Gloomy Picture  19 December 2000 
Source: TechWeb - Posted by Dave Wreski   
Information security is no longer about refining technology, but helping people and improving processes. This was the key theme of the recent Intermedia Group E-Security Conference and Exposition in Arlington, Va. The conference featured some of the most respected information security . . .
Bush Seen Likely to Overhaul E-Security  19 December 2000 
Source: TheStandard - Posted by Dave Wreski   
As George W. Bush strides toward the White House, national security experts are preparing for what could be a major change in the way the government and the private sector organize to defend against cyber-attacks. Clinton administration officials and other national . . .
Digital assault against Pentagon rises  19 December 2000 
Source: CNN - Posted by Benjamin D. Thomas   
The number of cyberattacks and intrusions into Pentagon computer networks this year is expected to top off at 24,000, an increase of 5 percent compared with last year, said the U.S. Department of Defense. However, the overwhelming majority of those intrusions . . .
Port scans are legal  18 December 2000 
Source: TheRegister - Posted by Jen Olson   
A tiff between two IT contractors that spiralled into federal court ended last month with a US district court ruling in Georgia that port scans of a network do not damage it, in reference to a section of the anti-hacking laws . . .
Scholarship program for information security workers  14 December 2000 
Source: GovExec - Posted by Benjamin D. Thomas   
The new program provides scholarships for the study of information security to students in exchange for a two-year commitment to work for the federal government in the information security field. The scholarships support two years of study in information security at either the graduate or undergraduate level.. . .
NSF security advice hits home  13 December 2000 
Source: Federal Computer Week - Posted by Chris Pallack   
National Science Foundation employees received expert advice on securing their home computers at the agency's first Computer Security Awareness Day. The program Monday offered advice on how to use firewalls and protect home computers from intrusion as well as the best . . .
DOD network attacks level off  12 December 2000 
Source: FCW - Posted by Benjamin D. Thomas   
The number of detected attacks on unclassified Defense Department networks has leveled off this year, according to the commander who's in charge of protecting them. The number of detected "cyber events" on DOD's Non-Classified Internet Protocol Router Network increased dramatically . . .
Security plan OK’d  12 December 2000 
Source: Federal Computer Week - Posted by Chris Pallack   
The federal CIO Council last week released the final version of an initial framework designed to let agencies determine where improvements are needed in their security programs. The council's security subcommittee developed the Federal Information Technology Security Assessment Framework to provide . . .
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