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U.S. Post Office Unveils Secure Internet Service  18 January 2001 
Source: Techweb - Posted by Benjamin D. Thomas   
The U.S. Postal Service unveiled a new service Tuesday that allows government agencies to send and receive sensitive documents such as birth certificates and medical records over the Internet in a secure manner. . . .
FBI makes itself look stupid with Net 'conspiracy' crackdown  15 January 2001 
Source: TheRegister - Posted by Dave Wreski   
The FBI has gone into a back-slapping frenzy over what it claims was a conspiracy to "bring down the Internet" on New Year's Eve. It gets better. This vast, evil conspiracy was being run by kids - crazed teenage hackers no . . .
Feds find pro-Napster hacker  15 January 2001 
Source: TheRegister - Posted by Chris Pallack   
Pimpshiz', the hacker who sprayed pro-Napster messages on hundreds of Web sites last year, may have been caught. US police raided the home of a 17-year-old last month after being tipped off by the FBI, a fact they confirmed to CNet . . .
Crime reporting website raises security fears  14 January 2001 
Source: VNUnet - Posted by Nick DeClario   
Plans to let the public report crimes via a national police website have raised fears that citizens will be vulnerable to revenge attacks if computer security fails. Home Office minister Charles Clarke told the House of Commons this week that he . . .
U.S. government throws in towel on computerexport limits  11 January 2001 
Source: ComputerWorld - Posted by Nick DeClario   
The White House yesterday essentially threw in the towel on the government's ability to limit exports of high-performance computers, while also acknowledging that there's little the U.S. can do to prevent other nations from developing high-powered systems by harnessing computer power . . .
How to Spend a Dollar on Security  11 January 2001 
Source: ComputerWorld - Posted by Nick DeClario   
A shy, spiky-haired 24-year-old reputedly unleashes a global computer virus causing an estimated $10 billion in damages, paralyzing computers from the Pentagon to the Parliament. Hackers spend six weeks peering at Microsoft's network programming code for a new generation of Microsoft . . .
Agencies crack down on e-mail 'spam'  11 January 2001 
Source: - Posted by Benjamin D. Thomas   
A group of federal agencies is collaborating to crack down on unsolicited commercial e-mail. The Federal Trade Commission last Friday released the results of part of its "Project Mailbox IV," an effort by the FTC, the U.S. Postal Inspection Service, . . .
Hollywood, software groups push DoJ copyright busts  10 January 2001 
Source: TheRegister - Posted by Jen Olson   
Music bootleggers and software crackers tired of wading through the entire United States Code to see if they're about to break the law, or incur daunting criminal liabilities in excess of the potential value of their planned activities, may now consult . . .
History Looks at the NSA  10 January 2001 
Source: - Posted by Benjamin D. Thomas   
To the NSA, of course, its devilish reputation is merely an unfortunate Hollywood fiction. Its director, Lt. Gen. Michael Hayden, has taken every opportunity to say so, most recently on a History Channel documentary that aired for the first time Monday . . .
California governor to seek funding to target high-tech crimes  09 January 2001 
Source: Nando Times - Posted by Benjamin D. Thomas   
Gov. Gray Davis will ask the Legislature for nearly $86 million to combat identity theft and other high-tech crimes in California, his aides said Sunday. The governor also will ask for more money for crime labs in the state, continued . . .
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