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Net Blamed for Identity Theft Spike  31 August 2000 
Source: E-Commerce Times - Posted by Dave Wreski   
The U.S. Federal Trade Commission (FTC) says it has seen complaints of identity theft triple so far this year, and claims at least part of the increase can be attributed to the Internet.. . .
Caution urged on Australian e-privacy bill  30 August 2000 
Source: ZDNet AU - Posted by Jen Olson   
In an attempt to plug the gaps in the Federal government's proposed legislation on data privacy, the Senate Select Committee on IT will meet again early next week to further its inquiry. Amongst those giving their views on the draft . . .
Free Speech On The Web? Don't Even Talk About It  24 August 2000 
Source: ZDNet - Posted by Dave Wreski   
If you weren't paying attention, U.S. District Court Judge Lewis Kaplan last week slapped hacker site with a major defeat. He ruled that source code doesn't get the protection of free speech. The ruling is just another shot in . . .
Security group says major privacy organization tracks users  24 August 2000 
Source: CNN - Posted by Jen Olson   
TRUSTe, a privacy advocate organization that runs a privacy seal-of-approval program for retail Web sites and shows companies how to write effective privacy policies, itself has tracked users with means not mentioned in its own privacy policy, a security group says.. . .
Protect your Internet privacy by lying  24 August 2000 
Source: MSNBC - Posted by Benjamin D. Thomas   
The battle over Internet privacy has a new faction: the Web privacy hawk using guerilla tactics such as lying about their identities when trading profile information for free services, the Pew Charitable Trust found in its latest survey. The number . . .
Sony exec: We will beat Napster  23 August 2000 
Source: U-Wire - Posted by Dave Wreski   
"Sony is going to take aggressive steps to stop this," Heckler told the Summer Forty-Niner. "We will develop technology that transcends the individual user. We will firewall Napster at source -- we will block it at your cable company, we will . . .
Internet Privacy Hashed Out At Aspen Summit  23 August 2000 
Source: ComputerUser - Posted by Jen Olson   
Maybe John Palafoutas said it best. "People are not concerned about privacy, they're hysterical about privacy," the head of the American Electronics Association said during a spirited debate at the Aspen Summit Monday night. The debate will rage on in . . .
Infosec Experts: Carnivore Bite Too Big?  23 August 2000 
Source: CERT - Posted by Benjamin D. Thomas   
Surveillance technology called Carnivore has the Internet community on the look out. Used by the FBI, Carnivore raises a variety of legal and privacy issues. One group, the Electronic Privacy Information Center (EPIC), sought a court order to get the operational . . .
Study: U.S. surfers want privacy  21 August 2000 
Source: InfoWorld - Posted by Jen Olson   
U.S. CITIZENS ARE increasingly worried about their privacy while surfing online and would like Internet privacy guarantees, even though they are currently doing little themselves to protect their Internet identities, according to a study released on Sunday by the nonprofit Pew . . .
Web Privacy: ActivatorDesk(tm) To Respond To Issues On CBS's 60 Minutes  18 August 2000 
Source: InternetWire - Posted by Jen Olson   
There is a new tool in the fight for web privacy. After viewing 60 Minutes Sunday August 13th, world-renowned inventor Roger Heath was inspired to announce its pending release. It's called ActivatorDesk, and with it you may automatically block advertisers from . . .
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