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Activists Attack Porn Bill  20 December 2000 
Source: Wired - Posted by Dave Wreski   
Free-speech organizations quickly denounced the passing of a controversial bill that would require schools and libraries to install pornography filters in order to continue receiving federal funding for computers or Internet access. On Friday Congress approved the controversial Children's Internet Protection . . .
Privacy, is it real?  19 December 2000 
Source: Help Net Security - Posted by Benjamin D. Thomas   
In our daily lives a persons privacy is violated countless times. So many in fact, we tend to catch less and less of them as we become more desensitized. In the making of this article, I decided to document the different . . .
Peacefire tosses Web-filter grenade  19 December 2000 
Source: ZDNet - Posted by Jen Olson   
Porn-blocking Web filters from Net Nanny, CyberSitter, and five other companies can be disabled with a program released Monday by anti-filtering group Peacefire, the group claims. The program, available as a free download at the Peacefire Web site, was released in . . .
Security Against Compelled Disclosure  18 December 2000 
Source: - Posted by Dave Wreski   
"Various existing and pending legislation can be used to force individuals and organizations to disclose confidential information. Courts may order a wide variety of data to be turned over by either party in civil and criminal cases. Government agencies are explicitly . . .
Privacy, schmivacy -- No hiding on new Net  17 December 2000 
Source: ZDNet - Posted by Benjamin D. Thomas   
If you want a secure Internet, you can't be nameless and faceless in cyberspace anymore. It's just that simple, although my friend and colleague Charlie Cooper, doesn't see it that way. He's wrong and I'm right, so I thought I would . . .
FBI's 'Carnivore' system praised, criticized with final report  15 December 2000 
Source: CNN - Posted by Dave Wreski   
An independent review board concluded in its final report on Thursday that a controversial FBI electronic wiretap system was an effective law-enforcement tool, drawing fire from critics who said it was too invasive. In its final report to the U.S. Justice . . .
Another glowing review for Carnivore  14 December 2000 
Source: ZDNet - Posted by Dave Wreski   
An independent review board said Thursday that a controversial FBI electronic wiretap tool was appropriate for law-enforcement use, changing little from its draft report released last month. In its final report to the U.S. Justice Department, a group of researchers at . . .
Internet Privacy Concerns Due To Explode  14 December 2000 
Source: ComputerUser - Posted by Nick DeClario   
Existing Internet privacy concerns stemming from online "profiling" and other e-business data mining activities are "trivial" compared to the privacy-related issues that will face the world in the years ahead, IBM Chairman Lou Gerstner has said. "What are the implications for . . .
The year is 2020 and it's a digicrime nightmare scenario  13 December 2000 
Source: The Register - Posted by Chris Pallack   
A government think tank, Foresight, has produced a report on the future of crime in a world that has gone online. The world of the criminal will be radically changed by new technology. Rather than nicking your car stereo, the thief . . .
Massive online credit card fraud  13 December 2000 
Source: ZDNet UK - Posted by Chris Pallack   
A hacker called 'chad' leaves the online credit card clearing house hanging after exposing more than 55,000 credit card numbers. The FBI is investigating was the victim of an extortion attempt by a cyberthief accused of hacking . . .
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