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Track a Hacker, Or Hit Him Back  18 June 2010 
Source: The New Internet - Posted by Alex   
Attribution is a commonly bemoaned issue in cybersecurity, with many cyber experts claiming that the inability to attribute attacks definitively to a source is a problem in developing a coherent cyber-response strategy. However, a security researcher may have found a way to solve that problem, according to The Register.
SMB Security Monitoring Gaining Sophistication  03 June 2010 
Source: Information Week - Posted by Anthony Pell   
Are security threats against small and midsize organizations increasing, are these organizations getting savvier about their security, or perhaps both? The question is relevant because, increasingly, small and midsize organizations appear to be using security log management software -- in its more advanced form, also known as security information and event management (SIEM) software -- not just to demonstrate compliance after the fact with regulations, but also as real-time warning consoles for preventing or detecting in-progress attacks or for pursuing forensic analysis.
Data breaches not among top concerns for tech firms  25 May 2010 
Source: CSO Online - Posted by Alex   
Data security and breach prevention ranks low as a risk factor for most big technical companies, according to new research that identifies the most widespread concerns among the 100 largest U.S. public technology companies. The research, released by BDO, a professional services firm, examines the risk factors listed in the fiscal year 2009 10-K SEC filings of the companies; the factors were analyzed and ranked in order by frequency cited.
IT and government workers learn ethical hacking practices  13 May 2010 
Source: Today's THV - Posted by Alex   
Cyber-security is an important safety and financial issue for state, local and federal governments. The number of attacks have steadily increased over recent years. One way to combat these attacks is learning how to be a hacker in order to beat one.
US-CERT uncovers JavaScript security vulnerability in Safari  13 May 2010 
Source: CNET Reviews - Posted by Anthony Pell   
The United States Computer Emergency Readiness Team (US-CERT) has found a security hole in Safari, with which a hacker could run arbitrary code at the privilege level of the current user account if the victim visits a malicious Web page. readers question Linux spam research  11 May 2010 
Source: v3 - Posted by Alex   
Symantec Hosted Services responds to reader anger. readers have reacted angrily to suggestions from security firm Symantec Hosted Services that a lack of knowledge and awareness about how to use Linux mail servers could be contributing to the disproportionately large number of Linux machines being exploited to send spam.
BOFH - The Tin Whiskers Excuse  11 May 2010 
Source: - Posted by Anthony Pell   
Tin whiskers are a vaguely-understood electromechanical process that is related to the use of completely tin solder as opposed to tin-lead amalgam solder. It is a problem that has been known for a decade or more, but it is becoming more pervasive due to a rise in reliance on electronics. Because of the near outright ban of lead based solders in some places in the world, the completely tin process has led to an increase in faults.
Symantec study misses the point over Linux spam  10 May 2010 
Source: Tech World - Posted by Anthony Pell   
The latest MessageLabs Intelligence Report from Symantec Hosted Services is filled with interesting and useful information regarding the current state of malware and e-mail borne threats as well as the trends over time. Of particular interest to me is the assertion in the report that "any given Linux machine is five times more likely to be sending spam than any given Windows machine."
The DDoS attack survival guide  07 May 2010 
Source: IT World - Posted by Anthony Pell   
Government websites. Fortune-500 companies. All are victims of crippling distributed denial-of-service (DDoS) attacks. The attacks have grown in reach and intensity thanks to botnets and a bounty of application flaws. This collection of articles will bring you up to speed on how the threat has evolved and what you can do to better protect your organization.
Should Hacking Be Encouraged?  30 April 2010 
Source: Tech News World - Posted by Alex   
"Do I want my children to think for themselves? Yes," said Slashdot blogger Josh Ulmer. "Do I believe that all closed systems are bad, or that they should think outside the box continuously, or any of the other ridiculous paradigms spouted in this diatribe? No." The perfect "co-op, open-sourced, self-governing commune qchapter wants his daughter to be a part of does not work."
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