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Understanding Permissions Under GNU/Linux Systems  21 March 2011 
Source: Muktware - Posted by Alex   
"Permission plays a vital role in everyday life, without permission we cannot achieve work in a swift manner. Thus understanding permission is a crucial task and one should be well adept with the rules of the permission. Today we unravel various aspects of the permission that has been implemented in the *Unix subsystem".
ClubHack Magazine - Issue 14, March 2011  13 March 2011 
Source: ClubHack Magazine - Posted by Administrator   
Thanks to ClubHack for sending this in. ClubHack Magazine's issue 14-March 2011 is out. ClubHACK Magazine,an e-zine and free to download, is focused on hacking security.
Software flaws don't negate "many eyes" in open source  22 December 2010 
Source: IT World - Posted by Alex   
The allegations from Greg Perry regarding backdoors allegedly placed within OpenBSD about a decade ago seem to be shifting more and more into the realm of fantasy as each day goes by. To date, Perry has not responded to my inquiry regarding his Dec. 11 e-mail to OpenBSD founder Theo de Raadt, nor to my knowledge has he responded publicly anywhere else.
Why Richard Stallman Takes No Shine to Chrome  16 December 2010 
Source: Tech News World - Posted by Alex   
Chrome, the new operating system Google is currently testing, will push users into careless computing habits and give them far less control over their data, according to Free Software Foundation President Richard Stallman. Though it may be based on Linux, "Google Chrome is not free software in the sense of free and open source software," the FSF's Matt Lee told TechNewsWorld.
Developing a 'hacker' culture of ideas, innovation  09 November 2010 
Source: ZDNet Asia - Posted by Alex   
One year since its inception, still aims to keep building a strong "hacker" culture that fosters idea-sharing and innovative problem-solving among individuals in a supportive environment.
Malware writers and memory dumping (podcast)  08 November 2010 
Source: IT Knowledge Exchange - Posted by Anthony Pell   
Jibran Ilyas, a computer forensics investigator and malware researcher and Nicholas J. Percoco, senior vice president of Trustwave’s SpiderLabs team talk about malware sophistication and memory dumping techniques.
Strong Passwords Aren't Enough  24 September 2010 
Source: The Examiner - Posted by Anthony Pell   
I’ve said it before, use upper and lower case, use number and letter combinations and when possible, if the website allows it, use special characters. It has been documented that “Adding just one capital letter and one asterisk would change the processing time for an 8 character password from 2.4 days to 2.1 centuries.”
IT security threats 'can be overstated'  07 September 2010 
Source: Global Gold - Posted by Anthony Pell   
Web hosting users should not exaggerate the risks associated with online activity, it has been claimed. According to Tony Neate, managing director of Get Safe Online, the fear of succumbing to a computer virus is potentially more concerning than the reality.
Advanced plug-in blocking appears in Chrome dev  16 August 2010 
Source: CNET - Posted by Anthony Pell   
A new method for blocking approved plug-ins from third-party sources appeared in the developer's version of Google's Chrome browser. Available on Friday for Windows, Mac, and Linux, Google Chrome dev 6.0.490.1 includes numerous bug fixes and introduces the Click-to-Play feature for more finely tuned plug-in control.
Social Engineers Successfully Gather Info  06 August 2010 
Source: Dark Reading - Posted by Alex   
The one glimmer of hope during last week's social-engineering contest at Defcon18 was when two different employees at a major retailer separately shut down a contestant trying to smooth-talk his way into gathering sensitive information on their company.
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